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Erik Valdman – The Art of BIM

Understanding Chakras

angel wings by erik valdman

angel wings by erik valdman

The chakras are an ancient knowledge. Today, I will only go into the understanding of the chakras as much as we will need.
There are two levels of information. One is horizontal. The other is vertical. I will give you a touch of horizontal knowledge. Just a touch. Just enough so you will be comfortable to activate your vertical knowledge.

A lot of that information, whether it’s already written somewhere or not, whether you’ve already read it or not, will come again through you. My goal is to show you it is possible.

We’ve already determined movements are possible. Movements are just internal knowledge of the body which we allow to be dictated. You could express that new information that comes in to movement. You could describe it, which we did. Sometimes you can sing it. Sometimes you can dance it.

Don’t restrict yourself to any form. Please, not here, not right now. It could be the fastest way to grow.

The main thing we need to know about the chakras is very, very simple.

Chakras are knowledge that has been there for thousands of years. It’s knowledge about specific centers that were discovered along the spine. Those centers are basically a crossroad of many pathways of energy The more pathways of energy that are crossed at a point, the stronger that center becomes.

It’s similar to cities. If anyone is familiar with Toronto, it’s a meeting  point. I believe every chakra is a meeting point. That’s what makes it special. There are many, many chakras, or meeting points, within the body.

We’re going to be looking at the seven major chakras. They are basically agreed upon through many traditions. Instead of giving you their names and making you remember them, I’ll number them.


belief is the knowing of othersSo what is the most difficult challenge in life?

I do not want to sound too philosophical, as my intentions are not to keep you exploring knowledge but to inspire you into action…but the most difficult challenge is to trust the unknown! And please do not confuse it with ‘Belief’.

Belief has no ‘real’ ground.

Thousands, even a hundred years ago, belief was the only way to move forward. Belief was a valuable ,practical and spiritual tool alike. Today, belief is not necessary any more.

There is a higher tool, Knowing. Knowing what? You ask. Knowing not the outcome but the formula of getting there.
Knowing that it is possible. Knowing that it is yours. Knowing that you can do it.

If and when you begin switching Believing to Knowing, you become unstoppable. You need no more proof. You are no longer discouraged by challenges and obstacles on the road. You no longer see Time as an obstacle. You begin seeing the clues that are guiding you on your journey.

Knowing is a bit like being in a love

When you know, it is like walking on clouds. There is a bounce in your step. You are positive without affirmations. You are looking at people’s eyes as you have nothing to hide. You are open to receiving help as you have nothing to prove. You Know.

When you know, it resonated real confidence in everyone around you. You do not need to say anything at all. As doubt and fear, even secret fear are sensed as aggression. Knowing is attractive and even magnetic. Your power is to inspire others to feel that clear message

Belief is the knowing of others…

Now you know.



with dad
Fathers have the hardest job
They are Not the Mothers

Mothers have inherent qualities of a caregiver
But the ‘MODERN Father’ has to Have
That Same CARE GIVING and MORE!!

From the ancient days,
A Father had to be the Strong protection
and The Provider

A Father (a Man) Could never appear week
or emotionally unreliable

The pressure of being a Man
has always been very high
as every Man, Father or Not
has to have these Qualities
of a Father
to feel worthy…

Please appreciate your Father
for all that they have to carry on their shoulders
since they were a little boy…

Please show your Father the respect,
the love, and the understanding,
for their showing up for the challenge of
Being A Man
(Though Results May Be Bias and May Vary!:))

Thank you Dad for being there, unconditionally, every day of my life, the best you could, the best you knew how. Forever my love and respect for you will continue growing, the better I know myself, the more I will know you.



How do I help her?

Give her directly ? Will that be enough? Maybe give to all those who she didn’t feel comfortable with? Help her resolve her karma and indirectly
resolve your own Karma as you become the dedicated channel of direct light and new information…

She is surrounded with people who are worshiping a ‘false god’. It is not what you would think…the medicine is not the false god, it actually does what it is designed to do…the false god is believing in a miracle which source is ‘external’, separated from you, not a part of you, not of your doing.

A miracle brought about by a father or a mother figure, through child like dependence. this kind of miracle is false hope as its source is completely disconnected from those who are healing, those who are wishing. Just like a lottery ticket that you continue buying, wishing, but never really believing that you are going to ever win. You know the odds. It is just a false hope. A continuation of an addiction to the slavery body sensation, and giving away your power through false dependency.

Use my close connection to her. our overlapping energy
To raise her energy, but not by giving her, that will never be enough for a miracle…
Not through supporting her, nor inspiring her with my words or my presence, leave that for others to do, that is just enough to keep things quietly going exactly as they are going right now, but with an illusion of not being alone at this making it right.

I need to strengthen myself by not reacting and fighting her illness. By introducing a greater energetic and karmic purpose to her healing. By making her life more valuable for ‘others’, for their future than her passing…

My gained strength, the new cleared light will radiate in a billion in the power of billion lights and bring back the unity in her body.
Not fighting her cells or organs…but by sending a message to her body that it is simply too early to turn on the ‘immortality’ mechanism, as not all parts of humanity are ready…as most of us are still searching for logical answers…

(to be continued…)


About The Centre

The Human Energy Reserves Center support people at their most difficult times
During the most uncertain times, when they have high levels of stress and no
working long term solutions.

For many we are their last hope, as they come to us after years of trial and error, once they have exhausted all other possibilities.

It often happens after a traumatic experience, or even years of accumulative stress. They receive help in seeing the solution as more then just an intellectual but also as a necessary energy change.

They often are able to feel the change, to get their smile, and prove that to themselves within the first hour of our work. They begin understanding how powerful and able they really are and gain the confidence that there is a way to have back the control over their life. What is more important that they get back the connection and that is an energy process.

We give them the confidence back. They need some light in their life. They can feel worthy of love, and regain a positive self image. They may still need to understand and overcome their life challenges, but they have a whole new mind to do it with. Often you are observing yourself and wondering. Wondering why am I feeling this way? Why am I acting this way ? And you may not have the answers.

Those are very difficult and emotional moments. It is very important to break free from that prison.

The Human Energy Reserve Centre is a Pioneer in helping anxiety and stress by awakening the inner hidden potential and enabling the energy to express in the mind and the body as one.

We stand as the new standard for application of ancient methods and new energy,
body mind system for Anxiety and Stress. More centres are required around the world.

The Human Energy Centre and The Art of BIM has been founded by Erik Valdman, in 2000, when he was only 30 years old. Initially it was to help him understand the source of stress, anxiety, depression and mental illness. It started as means to helping himself, his family, his friends and their families, and only later has Erik committed to make this work his life journey. Since, BIM has been practiced and benefiting daily by thousands of students around the world.
It took a lot of courage, generosity and above all sincerity, to continue developing despite the initial skepticism.

People who suffer anxiety require simple and clear structure. They need to be able to share their pain, and require a a support team who understands their challenges and able to work together step by step towards the ultimate goals.

Stress and Anxiety and Depression, touches us all. A Friend, a relative, a colleague. In the past ten, fifteen years everyone has known someone with high stress levels. The natural solutions have been slowly available. Twenty years ago you have heard of meditation and energy, but it was for the few. Today the research shows the necessity of adding meditation into your life. The Art of BIM is the very next step in self discovery, but is still relatively new and has not been popularized as other meditation and yoga techniques.

Traditional meditation is great to relax and refocus, but the challenge is that a lot of people are stressed and anxious, those who are depressed and loosing sleep can not possibly be expected to find the strength to sit still and meditate. their raising mind is their very challenge to begin with. Unless they lock themselves in a retreat it is an uphill battle.

Meanwhile young people are suffering, anxiety destroys relationships, holds back incredible talent, and closes many carrier doors. We see it every day. It is heart breaking. It could happen to anyone. I think hospitals already beginning to apply it, and even large cooperation see it the way we do, as they slowly introduce the first steps, the meditation, to the top executives and even to their employees.

The Human Energy Reserves Centre wants to help people. it does not do things half way. The service it provide for the students, and their family are excellent.

They are of high quality. Both on human level, and with regards to the highly effective and unorthodox, innovative approach.

The supporting stuff, the space the students come to learn at, the at home support and technology all given great attention to make it easy for the students.

What we wish for The Art of BIM ?

First and foremost, great visibility. That way we will receive more recognition and resources which will expend our activities. All students should be able to benefit from The Human Energy Reserve Centre’s support.

Everyone, either distantly or closely, is affected by different and often extremely challenging life situations and even illness and stress and anxiety which comes with it.

The Human Energy Reserves Centre provides people with Stress and Anxiety with very concrete tools and support.

The fees are spent on expending and improving on these services.

We have currently introduced this program to just a few thousand people, in its home town Toronto, and around the world. We hope we can help a lot more people,
students in many languages and of many traditions in the years to come.

But we need considerable support for that.

Our project Is also Yours, help us to make it happen!

We are currently taking only 20 people into the program.



Erik Valdman

A note of the founder

” It is difficult to hear that you have found yourself under constant stress and anxiety. Your life and your world are turning upside down. You are not always understood and the fear that you will have that moment of anxiety again is holding you back from being yourself.

Everybody experiences this stress related anxiety in a different way, but the burden on the your family and living your full potential should never be underestimated.

I have lived through difficult moments. My very close family has been tauched by anxiety, depression and it effected me as well. But I was fortunate enough to be around people who believed in me and supported me unconconditionaly. Thanks to my family and friends I have embarked on this journey to discover the core reasons for anxiety, stress, depression and for other emotional illness.

It is a work in progress, and today I’m ready to share my findings with others who need this help.

Because of this experience my conviction has grown that stress and anxiety must be adressed not only on the medical, or physical, or mental front, but on all fronts. Using this principle I want to ensure that all those who have to face panic, stress and anxiety receive support, help, comfort and the energy inner tools.

The Centre has been created so that each man or woman facing stress and Anxiety can get the help the need “.

Erik Valdman
Founder of the Human Energy Reserves Centre



The Human Energy Reserves Centre is convinced that Anxiety, Stress and Depression must be addressed from many angles. The Energy of people during their most difficult times, plays a decisive role in their ability to create a positive momentum, and gives them both courage and strength to start new and overcome their biggest life obstacles.

The Human Energy Reserves Centre has made it its mission to help understand the importance of inner energy of people with stress and anxiety, more specifically during their most challenging times.

The Human Energy Reserves Centre is available to students during their most difficult times in order to provide both energy training and moral support.


• Optimism

We acknowledge the seriousness of the emotional challenges, the Centre, in both its operation and communication aims to implement an approach that is categorically positive and optimistic. ‘Bringing New Light into the lives of students’ is the training offered by the Human Energy Reserves Centre.

• Quality

The Human Energy Reserves Centre demands of itself the highest standards of quality in all its projects and initiatives. This principle is reflected both in the support materials and the training offered to students.

• Solidarity

Together with the help of our Ambassadors and Alumni students the Centre provides assistance to those who lack the necessary financial resources to take part in our advanced programs. That is why the Centre offers free first time support to all people, whatever their life challenges may be.

• Neutrality

The Human Energy Reserves Centre does not intervene in the medical treatment of any student and does not interfere with their choice of of training and therapy.



the signs would carry them
through generations they were kept as secret
for people of this world
time travelers into the word

secured in stories of the past
they come alive in meaning
through pain or light
they storm our bodies

our pain revealed in isolation
our joy is seen as sparks of hope
we laugh and cry in motion
we stick to our devotion…
time travelers into the word

Erik Valdman, March 18, 2014


Erik ValdmanYou often hear that word in spiritual circles. Awareness, Awareness, Awareness…

What does it mean and how can changing your awareness really
put an end to your stress and anxiety ?

Awareness is not at all about gaining ‘more information’
awareness is how we process information
and comes as a result of a real change in your inner energy

simply put,

you begin seeing the potential in all things around you
instead of seeing them as the end and completed result

it begins with energy, then this new awareness
and your anxiety is gone…

Your anxiety is gone because your body is no longer seeing
this event, this conversation as the end, as a mature tree,
but as the very beginning, seed to things to come…

Suddenly the details do not matter, the judgement is suspended
and this event, these words, this person, becomes and inspiration
to things to come…

[click to continue…]


The sixth chakra is one we’re also familiar with. It’s right between the eyebrows, inside the head.

Again, it’s along the same line of the spine. Remember, the chakras are communicators in all directions, inward as well. They act like a satellite in all directions. They pick up in all directions.
The better the satellite is tuned, the more accurate the information received.

A satellite takes care of different levels of information. I explained to you what level of information those specific satellites should be tuned to for a perfectly functioning system.

The sixth chakra located between our eyebrows is referred to a lot of times as the third eye. It’s responsible for brain function, as well as for what’s called intuition. Second is instinct. Third is intuition. It’s higher thinking. Logical, right? It’s a very important energy center.


The fifth chakra is another one we’re very familiar with. It’s located in the throat area.

This chakra takes care of the emotions we don’t keep inside, the emotions we express outward.

What happens every time we get insulted? We lose our voice. We feel discomfort. We feel like something’s stuck in our throat. Then the tears come.

The fifth chakra is also an indicator of low self-confidence. If that happens, somehow we allowed ourselves to react, to be insulted. Low self-confidence is usually an indicator of a weak fifth chakra. Many, many times, it comes with discomfort in the neck area.

About 99% of people today have problems with the fifth chakra. They have problems with the fourth chakra, with the second chakra. It’s a question of how much of a problem it is and what we can do about it. Do we let it deteriorate, or we pick it up where it is and reverse the process?
A lot of times, it’s not always the same. Sometimes we’re stronger.

Sometimes we’re weaker. We tend to overreact when the fifth chakra is not working well and doesn’t receive the proper information and energy for normal functioning,

People who react on a dime, this is where that is. The moment that readjust, we don’t react. We can express ourselves when we’re asked, but we can do it calmly.