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Re: Awareness – The Bright Side…

Erik ValdmanYou often hear that word in spiritual circles. Awareness, Awareness, Awareness…

What does it mean and how can changing your awareness really
put an end to your stress and anxiety ?

Awareness is not at all about gaining ‘more information’
awareness is how we process information
and comes as a result of a real change in your inner energy

simply put,

you begin seeing the potential in all things around you
instead of seeing them as the end and completed result

it begins with energy, then this new awareness
and your anxiety is gone…

Your anxiety is gone because your body is no longer seeing
this event, this conversation as the end, as a mature tree,
but as the very beginning, seed to things to come…

Suddenly the details do not matter, the judgement is suspended
and this event, these words, this person, becomes and inspiration
to things to come…

We often distinguish two separate states in
our energy work and meditation…

One is a state were we do everything we can to find stillness
stop our reactive selves, and even for a moment to
get as far away from our troubles and worries

The other is to find a resolution in our stillness
and to raise above our problem, not by escaping our reality
but by raising the energy to see it in a new way…

Have you ever experienced this change in Awareness ?

Has a situation which at first seemed unfair and painful
suddenly developed and contributed to something powerful,
positive and even necessary for you ?

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