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The Third Step Is Discovering The Power Of Your Mind !

The third and probably the most relevant thing that must exist is our inner frequency or level of energy must always coincide with the command that we press. If that does not happen, we can press the command button, but it won’t give us any results. Our frequency and energy must be at least the level of the command or higher.

For example, it’s the same as when we have a fever. Sometimes when we have an illness, we lie in bed and reach for a glass of water. It’s the same as giving ourselves an inner command to raise that arm and reach for the glass of water.

Guess what happens? The arm just does not rise. What is the conclusion? The conclusion is, “I forgot how to raise my arm!” Obviously that’s not true. You didn’t forget it. The neural pathways exist. You’ve given the proper command. It’s just that the arm does not rise.

You may say, “My arm will never rise again!” Obviously that’s not true. The only thing required at that point to raise your arm is something we know right away. Our level of energy needs to rise. The moment our level of energy rises, we are again capable of raising that arm.

The same thing happens right across the board in everything we do. If we give an internal command, if we have a wish and we’re not successful at it either inside of us or externally, it does not mean it’s not for us. It does not mean we can’t do it. It does not mean that key does not exist or that wish can never be fulfilled.

All that really means is one of two things. We have enough energy and a high enough frequency, but we are listening to other people’s opinions. We are remembering our old past experiences and not allowing our own successes by overriding them.

We’re really not pressing those keys. Without pressing them, things will not happen, unless they’re for survival. Our system takes care of survival needs on its own. It does not ask us. The set of keys for survival or rejuvenation are pressed automatically, as long as the energy allows it.

We might be overriding it because of fear created through believing others or past experiences. Two is that our frequency is just not high enough. The answer is to raise our inner frequency and try it again. Try it without doubt and the same intention. Then we’ll be successful.

Often people who come in to work with me have incredible success with new experiences. Why? They don’t have the dogmas they’ve created. They don’t have the past negative experiences of not being successful.

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