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Erik Valdman – The Art of BIM

Your First Experience Is YOUR “Connection” To ENERGY !

We’re learning to sense that energy and allow it to freely take us as one, holistically. We’re truly connecting our thought process, our inner imagery and inner physical movements together where we are the ultimate observer. Yet, we’re not interfering with the natural process or the immediate needs, at this moment and time, of our body.

The need of the body will always coincide with our body’s or system’s ability to make the correction. Not only is the need met, it’s met at the level of the ability. The ability is determined by the inner frequency level, the energy level that we have. The higher the energy level the greater the ability.

The magic of what we’re doing is that as the frequency is rising, as we’re able to raise the inner energy of the system, so will our internal mechanism and program of who we are pick up on that new information exchange. It will happen automatically as if an internal remote control button is pushed inside. It will lead us to great success in the renewal mechanism of our body.

Our body has renewal mechanism constantly set for that renewal. As the available information comes in, so the renewal happens. When the level of energy or information diminishes, the renewal is slower. Therefore we age and receive signals of pain and discomfort.

The moment the frequency rises, the renewal happens under greater efficiency. The information is greater. Suddenly we are receiving very fast results with that renewal. As the results happen, the symptoms or signals of the discomfort and pain go away naturally.

Being able to connect is the first part of our Art. When you are with me and we are working with energy levels, we need to first understand how our system gathers information. It gathers information through the stimuli we receive.

Our five senses receive stimuli. The moment we become aware of that stimuli, whether it’s conscious awareness or not, there is a rewiring of our brain. The rewiring of the brain creates new neural pathways that did not exist before. The potential for them always existed but the specific neural pathways did not exist.

As our brain rewires, it’s like a memory. Any time we choose we can go back to an already existing neural pathway and repeat that memory, information or movement, posture or technique. It may be a thought or an image. You can bring it up because a neural pathway already exists. That’s an easy way for our system to do it.

Our system is also capable of creating new neural pathways. That requires higher frequency. Sometimes when we’re tired we find that new information is not for us. We want to wait until we’ve rested. New levels of communication, new thought processes, new ideas are not something we can handle.

It’s not because we don’t want to handle it, it’s because our frequency is so low that new neural pathways cannot be created. We can only work on the old knowledge, information or memory or ask somebody for help. We seem to have a problem creating new neural pathways.

This is what happens when we are together. The experience of being together and the energy we raise together and the response from the body creates those new neural pathways.

Once they are created, you at home are able to easily come back to the same state and go along an already beaten path. It’s an existing path. We will continue to make that connection stronger.

Every time we are together, we rewrite new connections with the experience we have together. Then those connections become a norm for you and from that point you will already grow.

This is the one aspect where we create new neural pathways. Then you connect to those neural pathways. That is your platform. That is your trampoline from which you can continue growing. That makes it quite easy.

It’s very similar to any form of exchange of information. Anything I say also becomes a new platform. That knowledge and information becomes who you are. It’s something in your memory. You can now use that for everything you do.

There is an exchange of information through words, gestures, pictures, movement and through this bio-wave we’re working with. This bio-wave is really the most natural way of exchanging information with nature and between people. That is exactly what we’re working on.

That information is actually exchanged on the highest speed possible. It is not restricted to the speed of light. We’re not exchanging that information through words or sound. We’re not exchanging that information through light or our eyes. We’re exchanging it at a higher speed. I’ll talk about it some other time. It is a whole other system.

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