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How Your Past And Your Future Gives Birth To Every Moment ?

The moment people face something they were not successful at in the past, they suddenly won’t press that key. Even though their energy level has changed, even though they’re capable of doing it now, they’re still holding themselves back without realizing it.

It’s very important to leave everything behind. It’s important to put everything on a shelf and start a completely fresh page every time we’re working. When our frequency is rising, we can suddenly do things we couldn’t do yesterday. We can now. That is the difference. We can heal wounds we couldn’t heal for 20 years. We can.

If we couldn’t do it yesterday, it doesn’t mean that we can’t today. The only difference is the inner frequency. That will put us on our way, but we must continue pressing those buttons. We’ve changed the batteries. We’ve connected to a supply. Now it will work. You need to press the button. You need childlike determination and then you’ll get there.

The first thing we’ll do in terms of practicing on our own is this. You’ll be able to visit our website and download your your first steps. It has instructions and guided meditation with internal commands. It’s a very simple command.

All of them are based on “I want to receive a lot of energy.” All of them are based on, “I want to receive a lot of energy and fill different floors of the body,” the head, neck, arms, chest, abdomen and so forth. It’s very simple. The simplicity is our gift right now. Then we will not be afraid it won’t work.

We’ll train ourselves. We’ve forgotten how to properly utilize our internal remote control and command system. We know exactly how to do it for survival needs and things like arms rising and legs moving. For other things we’re afraid. We’re afraid we won’t be successful. We’ve actually forgotten how to use it.

Here we are utilizing those inner commands. First we’ll retrain ourselves to use our remote control. This is why simple keys are the best for retraining. Later we’ll use more complex keys. It’s still a program that runs. It’s a part of who we are. There will not be any greater complexity. It will be just as simple, but behind the key will be more complex further in the system.

Do we care? We are like two-year old children with our systems. We don’t need to understand it to be able to make it work. A two-year-old child can use a remote control to change the channel on the television set. He does not need to understand how it is programmed.

It’s preprogrammed. They press the button and it works for them. Given the opportunity I say that the same two-year-old child can send a satellite into space, just by pushing a button. The complexity of the program behind it and how many years it took to develop and become who we are does not matter.

It’s the same simplicity as the remote control of a television set. It requires just as much knowledge, as long as we are not overriding it and as long as the level of our inner frequency is high enough to do it.

First we’ll practice that. Two things will happen simultaneously. One is the first thing we talked about, the self-regulatory process and connecting and turning on of those neural pathways we’re experiencing here. They were created. We obviously feel that change in our body and feel how our body is moving us.

At the same time we’ll add the parallel process of pressing the internal command. By combining them together we suddenly utilize our mind and logic. It’s been utilized up until now to restrict and hold us back. We won’t use it that way. We’ll work together with our body.

Later on we’ll be able to achieve much greater things. Our frequency will be higher and our inner command will be greater. Our automatic system will give us inner health and renew itself. We will be able to use the internal remote control with our logic and mind to achieve even greater results in the shortest period of time. That’s basically the process of Karma Secrets. You’ll understand much more as we go on.

Now To Your First Meditation !

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