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Did you ever wonder as to why ANGELS have WINGS?

angel wings by erik valdman

I was always questioning this concept of Angel Wings…

I believe you too have Angel Wings !!!
But your wings are literally hidden behind you…


So this is how it works :

I have observed in nature, everything manifests into reality from its natural center, unfolding into a sphere…when we look at a cross section of that sphere it makes a shape of a heart!

Now, we are energy beings, our existence too, if we could get our eyes to see it is a quantum resonance of energy into form, in exact same shape, from the centre into a heart shaped sphere!

Now:) when your breath is taken away, when your physical heart begins pounding real fast, you begin feeling the energy resonance of “Physical LOVE” at the chest! Now:) What about the “Spiritual LOVE”? Good Question, spiritual love has exact same energy pattern, Heart shaped, but resonating from the TOP of the HEAD:)

Ultimate Love is the Energy Joining of these Two Hearts (Chest 4th Chakra and the Top of the Head, 7th Chakra )! As it is a very powerful raising of consciousness it also resonates with great power. If you could imagine looking at a person with this kind of resonance…you would begin seeing the outlines of that heart beginning at the center of the chest and extending to a HEART Like Formation above their heads!

Their physical image being easier to see, you would also see a whitish cloud like formation behind and on top of their body (WINGS!)

Angelic qualities are the perfect union between the heart and spiritual love! Painters, children and creative spiritual souls can actually see that formation. No wonder they draw wings to great souls!

Today, I actually led a training on how to speed up our inner growth and awaken to the level of spiritual love. Those who are interested in LIVING “practical spirituality” can now raise their ENERGY and learn the tools to practically raise from the Butterfly Wings, of recognition of self alone, to a higher recognition, an actual awakening into the ‘Angel Wings’ !

The closer we can get to this NEW Energy of ‘Angel Wings’ the more often and the more natural we will feel that our altruistic ideas are matching with our true inner feelings.

Thank you for this POWER that you keep giving me, your love is the perfect union of two hearts, you are my ANGEL!

In this drawing I showed this as a ‘symbolic’ angel and we can see a halo and then the wings representing this big heart!

If you find yourself feeling like an angel you can now join me and my good friend Giovanni Marsico at ‘The Gifted Entrepreneur’ , for big-hearted entrepreneurs who want to change the world !

(An Emerging Community of Real PEOPLE with ANGEL WINGS ! )

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