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Understanding Chakras

angel wings by erik valdman
The chakras are an ancient knowledge. Today, I will only go into the understanding of the chakras as much as we will need.
There are two levels of information. One is horizontal. The other is vertical. I will give you a touch of horizontal knowledge. Just a touch. Just enough so you will be comfortable to activate your vertical knowledge.

A lot of that information, whether it’s already written somewhere or not, whether you’ve already read it or not, will come again through you. My goal is to show you it is possible.

We’ve already determined movements are possible. Movements are just internal knowledge of the body which we allow to be dictated. You could express that new information that comes in to movement. You could describe it, which we did. Sometimes you can sing it. Sometimes you can dance it.

Don’t restrict yourself to any form. Please, not here, not right now. It could be the fastest way to grow.

The main thing we need to know about the chakras is very, very simple.

Chakras are knowledge that has been there for thousands of years. It’s knowledge about specific centers that were discovered along the spine. Those centers are basically a crossroad of many pathways of energy The more pathways of energy that are crossed at a point, the stronger that center becomes.

It’s similar to cities. If anyone is familiar with Toronto, it’s a meeting  point. I believe every chakra is a meeting point. That’s what makes it special. There are many, many chakras, or meeting points, within the body.

We’re going to be looking at the seven major chakras. They are basically agreed upon through many traditions. Instead of giving you their names and making you remember them, I’ll number them.

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