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The Brief Story of the First Chakra

First, we’ll be looking at the energy center. It’s the meeting place of energies at the bottom of the spine. I’ll number it “1.” It’s at the bottom of the spine. I sense that energy vibration.
A lot of the information I’ll give you comes more from my observation because I’m able to sense that, rather than from horizontal reading materials. It might differ a little bit from what you’ve read or already know. This is how

I see it. At the bottom of the spine there’s an energy center that keeps reserves of energy. In those moments we require extra energy to run away and protect ourselves, this is where the body takes it from. It’s from the bottom of the spine. If you’ve heard of Kundalini, that’s what they’re working with, those reserves.

Why it’s so important is because many arts, many forms of work actually utilizes those reserves to help enhance the work of the system. Here, what I teach is to keep those reserves always full for emergencies. Don’t touch them. I never tell you, “Take it from the bottom of your spine.”
We utilize the energy we’re working with by receiving more and more of it all the time. This way, we always keep the emergency reserves full.

The first chakra is, by its number, the lowest vibration. It also gives us the feeling of being grounded, of the vibrations of the earth. In a sense, it communicates in a downward direction.

This is how it’s drawn in most books. The way I see the chakras is as a center or a dot. It’s a mid-point. The energy that’s received and the communication that happens, happens in all directions, 360 degrees, as well as from within. I will talk about this more later. This is how I see it.

In other words, some of you might have an image in your mind of a chakra. You might utilize an image of something you’re familiar with. You’ve seen a drawing. The chakra sometimes works to the front or the back. I’ll try to help those of you that have an image by giving you one that doesn’t have a direction. You’ll be a lot more complete in your information.

Because of our knowledge, a lot of times with visualization we dictate to the chakra which way to work. If you want to dictate, then dictate in all directions. It may be quite difficult to imagine.

Please try to receive the image that comes to you rather than projecting one.
It will be a lot more accurate. This is the first chakra.

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