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The Brief Story of the Second Chakra

The second chakra is located in the middle of uterus or the prostrate gland, in the lower abdomen. It’s a center which gives the energy for division of cells in the body.

Because cells constantly divide in the body, they require a source for that energy. The main source of energy for the division of cells comes from the second chakra. It’s also a chakra that communicates with living nature, and it has that vibration.

It’s no coincidence that it’s also called the sex chakra. As I said, it’s no coincidence because of its location and function. Many times they say that to have a healthy sexual drive means youth.

This is what they really mean. Being youthful means the energy for cell division in the body is still strong.

The second chakra is a very important area. Generally, when men and women’s levels of energy start to drop, what’s called aging, they tend to have problems in the lower abdomen.

We tend to get problems like cancer in the lower abdominal area. It’s very popular right now. It’s because for one reason or another, we’ve not learned how to keep a strong, healthy function within the chakra.

It’s not an indicator, but it so happens that because those energy centers are located along the spine, first there is the energy change and then we sense it in an emotional response. The next response is a physical one in the spine.

Many times, lower back discomfort is a good indicator that something in the lower abdominal area, as far as energy is concerned, isn’t functioning well. I’ve done over 5,000 diagnoses in the last three years and have received instant feedback on my accuracy. I have drawn conclusions from all of those.

You’re listening to them right now. It’s not something I’ve read somewhere. It might coincide with what others say. Is it true? There’s only one truth.

This is my experience.

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