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Erik Valdman – The Art of BIM

Your Second Step Is Empowering Your “Self Regulation” !

The second part of the Art of BIM that we will work with is not instead of what I described earlier.

That is where we connect and utilize new neural pathways we achieve through this meditative state or what I call “inner-active state.” It’s active. It’s not a passive state. It’s an inner state that creates action and movement from within, from the inside out.

It’s a parallel process. We’re adding this parallel process to what I call the “self-regulatory process” that we’re experiencing right now. It is actually a process of inner command. The inner commands have been known by different techniques. Here the inner commands are acting as an internal remote control. That internal remote control is something natural to our system.

Everything we do through our logic and conscious mind, we do through internal remote control. This includes raising our arms. How do we raise our arms? It’s very simple. We press an internal button. We give an internal command that says, “I want to raise my right arm.”

Right after that, what do we do? Absolutely nothing, we just let our arm rise. How successful are we? We’re pretty successful. It’s just a normal function of our body. It’s something that our body and system allows us to do.

What’s more interesting is that the moment we change the command, “I want to raise my left arm,” our left arm rises. How do we really know our left and right? We don’t. Our system internally knows exactly. This is how we command through internal commands. This is how we move around, speak, work and do things. We are able to give those commands.

What is required to be successful with those inner commands? One thing is for sure. Unless you press that button, nothing will happen. Unless you truly give that internal command, nothing will happen. It doesn’t need to be aloud. It’s internal. Your system hears you inside. Once you give that internal command it actually works.

The second thing is it’s important not to interfere with that command. In other words, do not hold back the arm. If you give the command, “I want to raise my right arm,” and then you hold it back, then obviously the arm will not rise. How do we hold our arm back? Often we hold it because we’re not sure if it can be successful. When we are not sure if we can be successful, we override the command with doubt.

The doubting thought becomes the next key we press. Here we are pressing the button that says, “I want to raise my right arm.” The next one is, “I’m not sure I can actually raise it.” “I’m not sure I can actually raise it,” becomes the next command. Then our body listens to the next one. Our body listens to everything we say.

Fear and doubt override the first commands. Often we think we’re actually ordering or sending an internal command to our body to do something. We don’t realize that we’re overriding it right away. Then we really didn’t order it. Sometimes when it’s not successful it’s because we didn’t give the command. We didn’t send the message.

Here’s another thing that’s interesting. When we send that message to raise the arm, what is required to raise the arm? Higher blood circulation, more oxygen in the system, neural firing in the brain, stimulation and contraction of muscles and probably another billion different reactions in the body that we’re absolutely unaware of. We don’t need to be aware of them for it to happen. It’s a program that’s running perfectly.

Through internal command, thought process and intention, we are capable of changing our blood flow, intake of oxygen, exchange of information within ourselves, neural firing and contractions of muscles with one simple command.

All those symptoms we’re convinced we don’t have control over, we control. It’s quite incredible how that works. It gives us an insight of how capable we truly are.

One thing that needs to happen is obviously pressing that internal key or command for something to happen. The second thing that needs to happen is we cannot override it. We cannot give a second command of doubt or negative. Our body will listen to that second command. We can’t override it. We need to truly let it happen.

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