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Erik Valdman – The Art of BIM

Meditation For Children


In the past few years I was quietly developing “Meditative Story Telling” – a tool to awaken inner hidden potential and promote greater quality communication in children ages 7-16 years old.


We first introduced it in a school environment in 2009

and the result where absolutely amazing…

This Saturday, April 4th I will be presenting this to both adults and children at one of the largest private schools in Canada (they have over 1,300 students and are sponsoring this event)

We cover and focus on 3 important areas of your child’s every day experience

  • Awareness of the Future
  • Awareness of the Self
  • Connection with Others

And learn a new form of Inner Experience

  • “Self Regulation Meditation”
  • “Active Guided Meditation”

During this “new” form of meditation you will experience your inner energy and may already see significant benefits and changes right there during your first training.

(Results may vary, but most adults and kids speak of incredible experiences; enhanced inner strength, gain of confidence, greater mind clarity, renewed passion for life and an overall feeling of peace and tranquility.)

We will be soon introducing “Meditative Story Telling” to other educational institutions around the world.