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Erik Valdman – The Art of BIM

The Man Who Ends Anxiety

Erik PhotoWhen Diane came to Erik’s office, she was all in pieces. Over six years of taking care of her ill mother and broken marriage have led her to the lowest point in her life. Heart and chest discomfort and a choking sensation in the throat were an everyday experience. Nerve spasms in the neck and shoulders and lower back pain kept her away for years from a normal physical activity.

The true fear came at an extreme time of stress when she experienced numbness and pain in her arms and legs and inability to move or at times even speak.

Communication and interaction with other people took too much strength.

Life seemed dark and unfriendly, goals and desires were nonexistent.

Diane was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Severe lower back and hip problems were evident as she walked.

How to get out this ongoing cycle of weakness and anxiety? How to overcome this state of constant panic and depression? How to gain strength and eliminate the severe pain and discomfort?

Diane, like many others, has read an article about Erik Valdman and his Art of BIM (Bio-energetic Intuitive Meditation).

She did not know what it was…but something pulled her… Something spoke to her. Suddenly, she felt there was hope.

It has been a long time since Diane’s intuition has spoken so loudly…she made the call. A private appointment was set for Friday and another for Sunday.

As she was leaving the Danforth office on Sunday, her cheeks were glowing pink. Her back problem was gone.

She felt strong and vibrant and her will was back. The big smile that was covering her face had stretched her cheeks almost till they hurt…

So, is that it? She asked. No, said Erik.

Now I must teach you to keep this smile for the rest of your life.

Diane was fortunate. Her prolonged state of anxiety and guilt had not yet developed into many severe problems.

Recent studies show that prolonged emotional stress could potentially lead to serious problems of the stomach and digestive tract, lungs and respiratory tract, liver or kidney diseases, arthritis, or even cancer.

Many years of searching for spiritual and physical cures have brought Diane to Erik. She already had a good understanding of the traditional and the holistic approaches to healing. She had been made aware of the source of her illness. She believed that to find the solution to life’s obstacles did not mean waiting for them to go away. Diane was a master of her own destiny.

But she could not break out of the loop!

Diane was lacking the inner strength necessary to react positively to her environment simply because she just did not have the energy. Her inability caused stress and anxiety and took, even more, strength out of her. Her only hope to survive, to stay alive was to stay away and not to face the harsh realities of life, and so she did for over six years…

“I believe, you have what it takes. But only by enhancing this extraordinary self-healing power within yourself you can emerge victoriously.”

Under normal conditions, your inner intelligence can maintain a healthy life. When weak, your system can not even fight a common cold.

“To help reverse illness you must not fight the disease alone, but help your system to heal from within.”

There are two levels of helping and charging our system. The first is what Erik calls the ‘Survival Mode’. We utilize our normal evolutionary processes, such as respiratory and digestive systems, to supply our body with sufficient energy for Survival. In many cases, proper diet and exercise to maintain proper health and even manage to solve some health issues. But, to manage more serious and chronic problems those energy sources are just not enough. To help reverse a serious illness our body must work on the much higher quality of inner energy.

‘We begin by raising your inner energy level and awakening the extraordinary power within you.”

By following Erik’s instructions the rise in the level of energy can be usually felt in minutes. Changes in body temperature, heaviness and lightness of limbs, and other very specific reactions to you are common. Externally, the body’s reactions

are even more profound. The physical body responds to actual movements to support these new inner energy flows.

Then, Erik will teach you how you can do it yourself. Providing you with the tools and the resources to get good at it and to use it well.

Erik will also teach you how to support the energy and meditation process and getting your conscious and your subconscious working as a better team. That’s important because most people have no idea how the conscious and the subconscious interact.

Initially, the benefits are seen as better sleep, the relief to stress and anxiety and a clearer mind.

Before he recommends any energy work and meditation Erik does a comprehensive evaluation.

“Keep in mind that energy and meditation is a tool and how it is employed is as important as facilitating it.”

This is one of the reasons he designed the Bio-Energy & Karma Evaluation, it is exclusive to his practice and gives him important insight and information in order for to make an intelligent and accurate assessment of your individual needs.

To get your evaluation call: 416-410-1290

Click Here For The PDF ” The Man Who Ends Anxiety “ as it appeared first in ‘Vitality Magazine’.