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The Brief Story of the Sixth Chakra

The sixth chakra is one we’re also familiar with. It’s right between the eyebrows, inside the head.

Again, it’s along the same line of the spine. Remember, the chakras are communicators in all directions, inward as well. They act like a satellite in all directions. They pick up in all directions.
The better the satellite is tuned, the more accurate the information received.

A satellite takes care of different levels of information. I explained to you what level of information those specific satellites should be tuned to for a perfectly functioning system.

The sixth chakra located between our eyebrows is referred to a lot of times as the third eye. It’s responsible for brain function, as well as for what’s called intuition. Second is instinct. Third is intuition. It’s higher thinking. Logical, right? It’s a very important energy center.

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