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The Brief Story of the Fifth Chakra

The fifth chakra is another one we’re very familiar with. It’s located in the throat area.

This chakra takes care of the emotions we don’t keep inside, the emotions we express outward.

What happens every time we get insulted? We lose our voice. We feel discomfort. We feel like something’s stuck in our throat. Then the tears come.

The fifth chakra is also an indicator of low self-confidence. If that happens, somehow we allowed ourselves to react, to be insulted. Low self-confidence is usually an indicator of a weak fifth chakra. Many, many times, it comes with discomfort in the neck area.

About 99% of people today have problems with the fifth chakra. They have problems with the fourth chakra, with the second chakra. It’s a question of how much of a problem it is and what we can do about it. Do we let it deteriorate, or we pick it up where it is and reverse the process?
A lot of times, it’s not always the same. Sometimes we’re stronger.

Sometimes we’re weaker. We tend to overreact when the fifth chakra is not working well and doesn’t receive the proper information and energy for normal functioning,

People who react on a dime, this is where that is. The moment that readjust, we don’t react. We can express ourselves when we’re asked, but we can do it calmly.

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