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The Brief Story of the Fourth Chakra

The fourth chakra is one we’re a lot more familiar with. There’s no one here who’s not familiar with it. It’s located right in the middle of the chest.

It’s that chakra that gives us internal balance. It balances those physical aspects which are the lowest and those that are less physical, which are balance.

The fourth chakra is the first indicator when something goes wrong in that internal balance.

When something goes wrong, it’s usually indicated by anxiety and stress. We feel it like a rock sitting in our chest.

It also becomes a physical response. When we have anxiety or internal stress, when the fourth chakra is not functioning well, we fold in. When we fold in, the spine responds. We receive discomfort in the area of the fourth chakra on the spine. The physical reaction is how it happens.

Remember moments in your life when you did things right and people said, “Good for you.”What happened? You put your chest forward. It was a physical reaction to a feeling pride. It’s no coincidence. Because the fourth chakra gives strength to the immediate area of the body, when we feel anxiety, we tend to have shortness of breath. The breathing stops. When we’re proud and the chakra’s working well, the breath becomes free and easy

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