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Erik Valdman – The Art of BIM


The Human Energy Reserves Centre is convinced that Anxiety, Stress and Depression must be addressed from many angles. The Energy of people during their most difficult times, plays a decisive role in their ability to create a positive momentum, and gives them both courage and strength to start new and overcome their biggest life obstacles.

The Human Energy Reserves Centre has made it its mission to help understand the importance of inner energy of people with stress and anxiety, more specifically during their most challenging times.

The Human Energy Reserves Centre is available to students during their most difficult times in order to provide both energy training and moral support.


• Optimism

We acknowledge the seriousness of the emotional challenges, the Centre, in both its operation and communication aims to implement an approach that is categorically positive and optimistic. ‘Bringing New Light into the lives of students’ is the training offered by the Human Energy Reserves Centre.

• Quality

The Human Energy Reserves Centre demands of itself the highest standards of quality in all its projects and initiatives. This principle is reflected both in the support materials and the training offered to students.

• Solidarity

Together with the help of our Ambassadors and Alumni students the Centre provides assistance to those who lack the necessary financial resources to take part in our advanced programs. That is why the Centre offers free first time support to all people, whatever their life challenges may be.

• Neutrality

The Human Energy Reserves Centre does not intervene in the medical treatment of any student and does not interfere with their choice of of training and therapy.



the signs would carry them
through generations they were kept as secret
for people of this world
time travelers into the word

secured in stories of the past
they come alive in meaning
through pain or light
they storm our bodies

our pain revealed in isolation
our joy is seen as sparks of hope
we laugh and cry in motion
we stick to our devotion…
time travelers into the word

Erik Valdman, March 18, 2014


Re: Awareness – The Bright Side…

Erik ValdmanYou often hear that word in spiritual circles. Awareness, Awareness, Awareness…

What does it mean and how can changing your awareness really
put an end to your stress and anxiety ?

Awareness is not at all about gaining ‘more information’
awareness is how we process information
and comes as a result of a real change in your inner energy

simply put,

you begin seeing the potential in all things around you
instead of seeing them as the end and completed result

it begins with energy, then this new awareness
and your anxiety is gone…

Your anxiety is gone because your body is no longer seeing
this event, this conversation as the end, as a mature tree,
but as the very beginning, seed to things to come…

Suddenly the details do not matter, the judgement is suspended
and this event, these words, this person, becomes and inspiration
to things to come…

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The Brief Story of the Sixth Chakra

The sixth chakra is one we’re also familiar with. It’s right between the eyebrows, inside the head.

Again, it’s along the same line of the spine. Remember, the chakras are communicators in all directions, inward as well. They act like a satellite in all directions. They pick up in all directions.
The better the satellite is tuned, the more accurate the information received.

A satellite takes care of different levels of information. I explained to you what level of information those specific satellites should be tuned to for a perfectly functioning system.

The sixth chakra located between our eyebrows is referred to a lot of times as the third eye. It’s responsible for brain function, as well as for what’s called intuition. Second is instinct. Third is intuition. It’s higher thinking. Logical, right? It’s a very important energy center.


The Brief Story of the Fifth Chakra

The fifth chakra is another one we’re very familiar with. It’s located in the throat area.

This chakra takes care of the emotions we don’t keep inside, the emotions we express outward.

What happens every time we get insulted? We lose our voice. We feel discomfort. We feel like something’s stuck in our throat. Then the tears come.

The fifth chakra is also an indicator of low self-confidence. If that happens, somehow we allowed ourselves to react, to be insulted. Low self-confidence is usually an indicator of a weak fifth chakra. Many, many times, it comes with discomfort in the neck area.

About 99% of people today have problems with the fifth chakra. They have problems with the fourth chakra, with the second chakra. It’s a question of how much of a problem it is and what we can do about it. Do we let it deteriorate, or we pick it up where it is and reverse the process?
A lot of times, it’s not always the same. Sometimes we’re stronger.

Sometimes we’re weaker. We tend to overreact when the fifth chakra is not working well and doesn’t receive the proper information and energy for normal functioning,

People who react on a dime, this is where that is. The moment that readjust, we don’t react. We can express ourselves when we’re asked, but we can do it calmly.


The Brief Story of the Fourth Chakra

The fourth chakra is one we’re a lot more familiar with. There’s no one here who’s not familiar with it. It’s located right in the middle of the chest.

It’s that chakra that gives us internal balance. It balances those physical aspects which are the lowest and those that are less physical, which are balance.

The fourth chakra is the first indicator when something goes wrong in that internal balance.

When something goes wrong, it’s usually indicated by anxiety and stress. We feel it like a rock sitting in our chest.

It also becomes a physical response. When we have anxiety or internal stress, when the fourth chakra is not functioning well, we fold in. When we fold in, the spine responds. We receive discomfort in the area of the fourth chakra on the spine. The physical reaction is how it happens.

Remember moments in your life when you did things right and people said, “Good for you.”What happened? You put your chest forward. It was a physical reaction to a feeling pride. It’s no coincidence. Because the fourth chakra gives strength to the immediate area of the body, when we feel anxiety, we tend to have shortness of breath. The breathing stops. When we’re proud and the chakra’s working well, the breath becomes free and easy


The Brief Story of the Third Chakra

The third chakra is located around the belly button area. The location of this chakra changes according to the person. It can shift a little bit, but it’s mainly along the spine in that area. This chakra is an indicator for personal physical strength.

When we’re weak, we have no strength. The first indicator to know a person is physically weak is that the third chakra is down. It could be a strong person that overworks themselves.

Also, when the third chakra isn’t working properly, our digestion is also not working properly.

Also, a quality of energy in the third chakra gives us what we call instinct. The ability to react fast to something that attacks or assaults us. That ability to act fast is the strength.

Again, what I’m teaching you here is based on an ancient knowledge, but what I add is my experience and wisdom.


The Brief Story of the Second Chakra

The second chakra is located in the middle of uterus or the prostrate gland, in the lower abdomen. It’s a center which gives the energy for division of cells in the body.

Because cells constantly divide in the body, they require a source for that energy. The main source of energy for the division of cells comes from the second chakra. It’s also a chakra that communicates with living nature, and it has that vibration.

It’s no coincidence that it’s also called the sex chakra. As I said, it’s no coincidence because of its location and function. Many times they say that to have a healthy sexual drive means youth.

This is what they really mean. Being youthful means the energy for cell division in the body is still strong.

The second chakra is a very important area. Generally, when men and women’s levels of energy start to drop, what’s called aging, they tend to have problems in the lower abdomen.

We tend to get problems like cancer in the lower abdominal area. It’s very popular right now. It’s because for one reason or another, we’ve not learned how to keep a strong, healthy function within the chakra.

It’s not an indicator, but it so happens that because those energy centers are located along the spine, first there is the energy change and then we sense it in an emotional response. The next response is a physical one in the spine.

Many times, lower back discomfort is a good indicator that something in the lower abdominal area, as far as energy is concerned, isn’t functioning well. I’ve done over 5,000 diagnoses in the last three years and have received instant feedback on my accuracy. I have drawn conclusions from all of those.

You’re listening to them right now. It’s not something I’ve read somewhere. It might coincide with what others say. Is it true? There’s only one truth.

This is my experience.


The Brief Story of the First Chakra

First, we’ll be looking at the energy center. It’s the meeting place of energies at the bottom of the spine. I’ll number it “1.” It’s at the bottom of the spine. I sense that energy vibration.
A lot of the information I’ll give you comes more from my observation because I’m able to sense that, rather than from horizontal reading materials. It might differ a little bit from what you’ve read or already know. This is how

I see it. At the bottom of the spine there’s an energy center that keeps reserves of energy. In those moments we require extra energy to run away and protect ourselves, this is where the body takes it from. It’s from the bottom of the spine. If you’ve heard of Kundalini, that’s what they’re working with, those reserves.

Why it’s so important is because many arts, many forms of work actually utilizes those reserves to help enhance the work of the system. Here, what I teach is to keep those reserves always full for emergencies. Don’t touch them. I never tell you, “Take it from the bottom of your spine.”
We utilize the energy we’re working with by receiving more and more of it all the time. This way, we always keep the emergency reserves full.

The first chakra is, by its number, the lowest vibration. It also gives us the feeling of being grounded, of the vibrations of the earth. In a sense, it communicates in a downward direction.

This is how it’s drawn in most books. The way I see the chakras is as a center or a dot. It’s a mid-point. The energy that’s received and the communication that happens, happens in all directions, 360 degrees, as well as from within. I will talk about this more later. This is how I see it.

In other words, some of you might have an image in your mind of a chakra. You might utilize an image of something you’re familiar with. You’ve seen a drawing. The chakra sometimes works to the front or the back. I’ll try to help those of you that have an image by giving you one that doesn’t have a direction. You’ll be a lot more complete in your information.

Because of our knowledge, a lot of times with visualization we dictate to the chakra which way to work. If you want to dictate, then dictate in all directions. It may be quite difficult to imagine.

Please try to receive the image that comes to you rather than projecting one.
It will be a lot more accurate. This is the first chakra.


Understanding Chakras

angel wings by erik valdman
The chakras are an ancient knowledge. Today, I will only go into the understanding of the chakras as much as we will need.
There are two levels of information. One is horizontal. The other is vertical. I will give you a touch of horizontal knowledge. Just a touch. Just enough so you will be comfortable to activate your vertical knowledge.

A lot of that information, whether it’s already written somewhere or not, whether you’ve already read it or not, will come again through you. My goal is to show you it is possible.

We’ve already determined movements are possible. Movements are just internal knowledge of the body which we allow to be dictated. You could express that new information that comes in to movement. You could describe it, which we did. Sometimes you can sing it. Sometimes you can dance it.

Don’t restrict yourself to any form. Please, not here, not right now. It could be the fastest way to grow.

The main thing we need to know about the chakras is very, very simple.

Chakras are knowledge that has been there for thousands of years. It’s knowledge about specific centers that were discovered along the spine. Those centers are basically a crossroad of many pathways of energy The more pathways of energy that are crossed at a point, the stronger that center becomes.

It’s similar to cities. If anyone is familiar with Toronto, it’s a meeting  point. I believe every chakra is a meeting point. That’s what makes it special. There are many, many chakras, or meeting points, within the body.

We’re going to be looking at the seven major chakras. They are basically agreed upon through many traditions. Instead of giving you their names and making you remember them, I’ll number them.