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Erik Valdman – The Art of BIM


with dad
Fathers have the hardest job
They are Not the Mothers

Mothers have inherent qualities of a caregiver
But the ‘MODERN Father’ has to Have
That Same CARE GIVING and MORE!!

From the ancient days,
A Father had to be the Strong protection
and The Provider

A Father (a Man) Could never appear week
or emotionally unreliable

The pressure of being a Man
has always been very high
as every Man, Father or Not
has to have these Qualities
of a Father
to feel worthy…

Please appreciate your Father
for all that they have to carry on their shoulders
since they were a little boy…

Please show your Father the respect,
the love, and the understanding,
for their showing up for the challenge of
Being A Man
(Though Results May Be Bias and May Vary!:))

Thank you Dad for being there, unconditionally, every day of my life, the best you could, the best you knew how. Forever my love and respect for you will continue growing, the better I know myself, the more I will know you.


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