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Belief is the ‘knowing’ of others…

belief is the knowing of othersSo what is the most difficult challenge in life?

I do not want to sound too philosophical, as my intentions are not to keep you exploring knowledge but to inspire you into action…but the most difficult challenge is to trust the unknown! And please do not confuse it with ‘Belief’.

Belief has no ‘real’ ground.

Thousands, even a hundred years ago, belief was the only way to move forward. Belief was a valuable ,practical and spiritual tool alike. Today, belief is not necessary any more.

There is a higher tool, Knowing. Knowing what? You ask. Knowing not the outcome but the formula of getting there.
Knowing that it is possible. Knowing that it is yours. Knowing that you can do it.

If and when you begin switching Believing to Knowing, you become unstoppable. You need no more proof. You are no longer discouraged by challenges and obstacles on the road. You no longer see Time as an obstacle. You begin seeing the clues that are guiding you on your journey.

Knowing is a bit like being in a love

When you know, it is like walking on clouds. There is a bounce in your step. You are positive without affirmations. You are looking at people’s eyes as you have nothing to hide. You are open to receiving help as you have nothing to prove. You Know.

When you know, it resonated real confidence in everyone around you. You do not need to say anything at all. As doubt and fear, even secret fear are sensed as aggression. Knowing is attractive and even magnetic. Your power is to inspire others to feel that clear message

Belief is the knowing of others…

Now you know.

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