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The Karmic Journey of Healing vs Making A Miracle Happen [1]

How do I help her?

Give her directly ? Will that be enough? Maybe give to all those who she didn’t feel comfortable with? Help her resolve her karma and indirectly
resolve your own Karma as you become the dedicated channel of direct light and new information…

She is surrounded with people who are worshiping a ‘false god’. It is not what you would think…the medicine is not the false god, it actually does what it is designed to do…the false god is believing in a miracle which source is ‘external’, separated from you, not a part of you, not of your doing.

A miracle brought about by a father or a mother figure, through child like dependence. this kind of miracle is false hope as its source is completely disconnected from those who are healing, those who are wishing. Just like a lottery ticket that you continue buying, wishing, but never really believing that you are going to ever win. You know the odds. It is just a false hope. A continuation of an addiction to the slavery body sensation, and giving away your power through false dependency.

Use my close connection to her. our overlapping energy
To raise her energy, but not by giving her, that will never be enough for a miracle…
Not through supporting her, nor inspiring her with my words or my presence, leave that for others to do, that is just enough to keep things quietly going exactly as they are going right now, but with an illusion of not being alone at this making it right.

I need to strengthen myself by not reacting and fighting her illness. By introducing a greater energetic and karmic purpose to her healing. By making her life more valuable for ‘others’, for their future than her passing…

My gained strength, the new cleared light will radiate in a billion in the power of billion lights and bring back the unity in her body.
Not fighting her cells or organs…but by sending a message to her body that it is simply too early to turn on the ‘immortality’ mechanism, as not all parts of humanity are ready…as most of us are still searching for logical answers…

(to be continued…)

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