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Erik Valdman – The Art of BIM

About The Centre

The Human Energy Reserves Center support people at their most difficult times
During the most uncertain times, when they have high levels of stress and no
working long term solutions.

For many we are their last hope, as they come to us after years of trial and error, once they have exhausted all other possibilities.

It often happens after a traumatic experience, or even years of accumulative stress. They receive help in seeing the solution as more then just an intellectual but also as a necessary energy change.

They often are able to feel the change, to get their smile, and prove that to themselves within the first hour of our work. They begin understanding how powerful and able they really are and gain the confidence that there is a way to have back the control over their life. What is more important that they get back the connection and that is an energy process.

We give them the confidence back. They need some light in their life. They can feel worthy of love, and regain a positive self image. They may still need to understand and overcome their life challenges, but they have a whole new mind to do it with. Often you are observing yourself and wondering. Wondering why am I feeling this way? Why am I acting this way ? And you may not have the answers.

Those are very difficult and emotional moments. It is very important to break free from that prison.

The Human Energy Reserve Centre is a Pioneer in helping anxiety and stress by awakening the inner hidden potential and enabling the energy to express in the mind and the body as one.

We stand as the new standard for application of ancient methods and new energy,
body mind system for Anxiety and Stress. More centres are required around the world.

The Human Energy Centre and The Art of BIM has been founded by Erik Valdman, in 2000, when he was only 30 years old. Initially it was to help him understand the source of stress, anxiety, depression and mental illness. It started as means to helping himself, his family, his friends and their families, and only later has Erik committed to make this work his life journey. Since, BIM has been practiced and benefiting daily by thousands of students around the world.
It took a lot of courage, generosity and above all sincerity, to continue developing despite the initial skepticism.

People who suffer anxiety require simple and clear structure. They need to be able to share their pain, and require a a support team who understands their challenges and able to work together step by step towards the ultimate goals.

Stress and Anxiety and Depression, touches us all. A Friend, a relative, a colleague. In the past ten, fifteen years everyone has known someone with high stress levels. The natural solutions have been slowly available. Twenty years ago you have heard of meditation and energy, but it was for the few. Today the research shows the necessity of adding meditation into your life. The Art of BIM is the very next step in self discovery, but is still relatively new and has not been popularized as other meditation and yoga techniques.

Traditional meditation is great to relax and refocus, but the challenge is that a lot of people are stressed and anxious, those who are depressed and loosing sleep can not possibly be expected to find the strength to sit still and meditate. their raising mind is their very challenge to begin with. Unless they lock themselves in a retreat it is an uphill battle.

Meanwhile young people are suffering, anxiety destroys relationships, holds back incredible talent, and closes many carrier doors. We see it every day. It is heart breaking. It could happen to anyone. I think hospitals already beginning to apply it, and even large cooperation see it the way we do, as they slowly introduce the first steps, the meditation, to the top executives and even to their employees.

The Human Energy Reserves Centre wants to help people. it does not do things half way. The service it provide for the students, and their family are excellent.

They are of high quality. Both on human level, and with regards to the highly effective and unorthodox, innovative approach.

The supporting stuff, the space the students come to learn at, the at home support and technology all given great attention to make it easy for the students.

What we wish for The Art of BIM ?

First and foremost, great visibility. That way we will receive more recognition and resources which will expend our activities. All students should be able to benefit from The Human Energy Reserve Centre’s support.

Everyone, either distantly or closely, is affected by different and often extremely challenging life situations and even illness and stress and anxiety which comes with it.

The Human Energy Reserves Centre provides people with Stress and Anxiety with very concrete tools and support.

The fees are spent on expending and improving on these services.

We have currently introduced this program to just a few thousand people, in its home town Toronto, and around the world. We hope we can help a lot more people,
students in many languages and of many traditions in the years to come.

But we need considerable support for that.

Our project Is also Yours, help us to make it happen!

We are currently taking only 20 people into the program.

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