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Erik Valdman

A note of the founder

” It is difficult to hear that you have found yourself under constant stress and anxiety. Your life and your world are turning upside down. You are not always understood and the fear that you will have that moment of anxiety again is holding you back from being yourself.

Everybody experiences this stress related anxiety in a different way, but the burden on the your family and living your full potential should never be underestimated.

I have lived through difficult moments. My very close family has been tauched by anxiety, depression and it effected me as well. But I was fortunate enough to be around people who believed in me and supported me unconconditionaly. Thanks to my family and friends I have embarked on this journey to discover the core reasons for anxiety, stress, depression and for other emotional illness.

It is a work in progress, and today I’m ready to share my findings with others who need this help.

Because of this experience my conviction has grown that stress and anxiety must be adressed not only on the medical, or physical, or mental front, but on all fronts. Using this principle I want to ensure that all those who have to face panic, stress and anxiety receive support, help, comfort and the energy inner tools.

The Centre has been created so that each man or woman facing stress and Anxiety can get the help the need “.

Erik Valdman
Founder of the Human Energy Reserves Centre