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Karma Diagnosis – The Future From The Sixth Chakra

On one of my latest private sessions, Jane, a student of over 10 years has managed to convince me to do her karma and energy diagnosis. “Just this once”, she said. I am feeling really different about this then usual, and really in need of some reassurance and help.

So, I did as she asked.

As I did not have my usual diagnosis forms which I use at shows in front of me, I picked up a black pen and a blank white paper. I quickly drew a human figure, carefully placed the seven chakras along the vertical of the body, a sphere, to show the chi meridians, sleeping patterns, circulation, fluctuation of body temperature an momentum to the right and a figure “S” indicating the spinal column to the left. I wrote and circled

I have also allocated two more areas on the page for Life Momentum and Relationship Mindsets indicators.

Where the energy maps I drew with a thin black ink pen, for the actual diagnosis

I used a red highlighter.

When doing the Karma Diagnosis at shows I usually use three to four colors to indicate physical as well as emotional strengths and challenges, but today I had to do it with one color red.

You would think, that since I’ve done over ten thousand of similar karma and energy diagnosis over the past thirteen years I would get used to how magical the process is, think again.

There is nothing in this world that amazes me more then the human mind and our incredible unfulfilled potential .

The actual Karma Diagnosis which I was about to perform takes me less then 20 seconds…that is the exact time it takes me to mark with the red marker.

No thinking, No doubting.

As if it is not even my own doing…

I simply set my intentions and my questions and free my hand to carefully draw and paint on the paper placed in front of me…

Feeling stressed about your future
Getting the future through your 3rd chakra.
Getting the future through your 6th chakra

The intersection between you and others.

The 3rd chakra requires disconnect from others to strengthen.

The sixth chakra requires making others needs as a bigger part of your life.

The chakras work in pairs.

The sixth chakra always makes the decisions on how we will act and grow. The ultimate need is to express our uniqueness and individuality. When we do we will guaranty our survival.

When the decisions are made from the third chakra perspective they express individuality as a protective need, lower survival. We then tend to find strength in isolating ourselves and even meditating alone, on the top of some mountain watching the sunrise or the subset.

To shorten our path to success we even tend to be looking for remodels to copy and imitate. But these are the ways of the past, karmicly and genetically seen as the shortest way to success.

These still come from the days when a son would likely be continuing the trade of his father and his his father before him…this generation would have likely not even consider that option, short of very few successful companies passed in the family. But for the future generation, even the likelihood of not only not continuing with the family trade, but performing the job they have studies hard for, would be a miracle.

Everything is moving so fast, job requirements are changing faster then we could say hello, and mental and emotional flexibility would likely soon be the most needed subject and training starting from grade school.

The natural connection of family, the need to find a partner and to have a family of your own.

The quality of connection is often a byproduct of how open you are to each other or what some may describe as levels of respect or even love.

The way we grow.

Survival – Third chakra growth is just like a muscle.

Mature growth, beyond survival, is just like a muscle as well, but that muscle is an energy of the higher chakras. The fourth and the fifth for today’s adults…and the fifth and sixths, or even the seventh, for the children of the new generation uniqueness of the third chakra is your genetic talents and abilities, but the uniqueness of your sixth chakra, is best described as the questions you are asking yourself about your future, and the actual challenges you may need to overcome to getting there.

Countering some old believes, suddenly, your uniqueness, is that which you’ve gained on your current journey to be added to and shared with others. Going back to higher survival and growth through the conscious chooses of helping and inspiring others.

Erik Valdman’s The Art of BIM is Based On The Integration Of Thousand Year Old Knowledge With Latest Scientific Discoveries. Since Erik Begun Teaching, early 2000, Erik Has Spent Thousands of Hours of Research, With Over 7,000 Case Studies and Reached A World Wide Audience. The Art of BIM Is A Practical Life Changing Experience And Has Been Praised By Many As:”The Most Comprehensive Course For Solving Stress and Anxiety Recently Developed Integrating
Modern Science, Ancient Secrets, Inner Energy and Karma.”

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