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Solving Insomnia and Stress For Doctors and Lawyers

There are so many things I would like to share with you today but I would likely keep this as an outline and share most of the details on other pages.

First is the promise I have made today, to a small group of advanced students, we will be addressing insomnia and sleeping disorders for 3 specific groups.

The first group are the people who have chronic sleep disorders, those who are ill and their lack of sleep makes it almost impossible for them to get through the day.

The second group are those who are under the most levels of stress. One could argue that all of us belong to this category, but we chose two specific groups. the first being those in the MEDICAL FIELD and in the field for caring for others.  Not only do they themselves suffer from high stress and often insomnia, but they are also those who people under stress turn to first. An obvious choice, was to help the Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors, Nurses, Physiologists, Psychiatrists, Social Workers and other health practitioners first. We want your Doctors to be calm, aware and alert, no matter how much responsibilities they are forced to take on.

The third group are the Lawyers. You may be a bit surprised as to why we chose the Lawyers, but the reality is that Lawyers are under a lot of stress to perform. they are too at the front lines  , they have to help and support people who often experience the highest stress levels in their lives.

The first group may be easy. The know their problem and they are searching for help. But the other two may be a bit more difficult. The Doctors and the Lawyers are very busy, and may not want to admit that they need help. More so our method in solving Insomnia and Stress related conditions is admittedly a bit ‘different’.

So, how are we going to approach this?

Find out soon…


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