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Does Meditation Really Solve Insomnia – FAQ

Why meditation?

Meditation is a word which unites many different techniques of self reflection.
The meditation you will be taking part on these pages has a lot in common with what you may have experienced before but there are major important differences. The goal of the OAM is more then just to help you sleep, or to relax. Our goal is to help you take away the deeper’reason’ for your insomnia. Experienced mediators will likely recognize this difference during the first meditation experience.

Does OAM meditation help everyone?

For over 13 years, Erik Valdman has been teaching this technique and helping thousands of people around the world. As experiences and results would very. You will greatly benefit from our time together.

Does anything else I take or do interfere with this meditation?

Come as you are. There is nothing that can interfere with your success but your own doubts and fears.

How is this meditation different from what I’ve tried before?

Many of Erik’s students are experienced practitioners of other meditations and are teachers themselves. They have often been surprised and enjoyed the benefit Erik’s teachings made in their life and practice. It is very hard to describe the difference in words. It really needs to be experienced. You be the judge.

How is OAM different from other Meditation CD’s of music or healing frequencies?

Erik’s teaches how to awaken your own natural ability from within. You will not be using any outside enhancements music or sounds. Everything will come from within. A perfect match between your energy, feelings, thoughts and body condition.
Awakening your natural abilities has been shown to give fastest, the most natural and lasting results. no trial and error. No guess work.

How long do I have to do this meditation for to see the results and to get my sleep back?

Each person is very unique and different . But even after the very first meditation you should already feel it and know if this is for you.

What if my sleep problem is chronic?

Experience shows that no matter what the name of the condition or the length of time you have experienced it, your body knows how to recover. Sometimes it takes longer to awaken these natural abilities. So no matter what keep following Erik’s instructions and you will feel the difference.

What if it is related to my high stress and anxiety?

Insomnia which comes as a result of Stress and Anxiety is very common. Just follow the simple meditation and you will know it yourself.

What if physical pain is the reason?

Very often the physical pain is the reason for insomnia. But every physical condition is aligned with emotional and mental state. Your meditation will help you bring back your inner balance and trust in your future. The physical pain will become less and less disruptive of your sleep.

Do I have to be standing for this meditation?

During OAM you will hear Erik guiding you to stand up. To reach the full potential of self regulation and to awaken the deeper higher potential of your body to heal requires full unrestricted freedom. No matter how tired you may be, Erik recommends to
do the second part of your meditation from a standing posture. Unless you are physical challenged, please follow these instructions.

Do I have to do it at exactly ONE AM?

We have found that if you have not fallen asleep before one am you are likely to not have a good night sleep. That is the reason we would like to support you at that exact time. If you missed the One AM time or wish to do the meditation earlier you can download the audio for the previous meditation and do it on your own. For best results it is highly recommended to be there live at One AM sharp.

What other cities are you doing this meditation in?

We are currently LIVE in TORONTO, VANCOUVER and LOS-ANGELES. Based on your feedback and your requests, other cities and time zones will soon be available.

Why are you doing this for free?

If you knew that a few hours of your day can make a difference, for hundreds or even thousands of people around the world, would you do it? A good night sleep can literally change a persons life. It is just the right thing to do.

But, every venture has a cost attached to it. Erik Valdman has an extensive private consulting practice. Some of you who have seen the benefit may explore further options or even request a personalized program. These programs will be for a fee and will give us the opportunity to continue helping others.

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