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“Higgs Boson”, “God Particle” and why this may actually be “the greatest discovery of this century”

Did you hear of the “God Particle”?

What is the one important change you feel this discovery will make?

As you may know, after over 40 years July 4th,
there was and announcement made on the discovery of “The God Particle”

Here is a good 2 minute overview from CNN

I was recently asked of my opinion regarding this important discovery,
which is regarded by many “the greatest discovery of this century”…

I strongly feel that now, when we are uniting the dark matter with the physical reality
we will have some of the greatest minds in physics, math and even medical research,
allow themselves to openly, spend time and effort on the “non physical”…

The “God Particle” may become a gateway to many new discoveries…

I also feel, that more than the discovery itself,
we could be opening the doors to a new momentum in science and medical research!

In September 2008, when this experiment became very public
we had a course, supporting a children’s charity and dedicated to that energy…

It may also be interesting for you to revisit the videos from 2008 introducing that subject

You can watch the short 4 minute intro here in Karma Secrets Academy

and if you want to understand the connection between this discovery and Karma, we just made the two part one hour video introduction (from 2008) available at Karma Secrets Academy

So, what do YOU feel, will the “God Particle” discovery will make?

would love to hear your opinion

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