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Good Karma Ad – Super Nanny – Control Toys – Brazil

Good Karma Ad - Super Nanny -Control Toys - Brazil

Super Nanny is a TV show that helps desperate parents to deal with badly behaved children. They had to promote its new season to parents. So they created a fictitious line of toys that featured absurd ways to discipline children and put them in a place where we were sure to find our target – toy stores. By taking a closer look at the boxes, they’d find the message “There are better ways to discipline your child. Watch Super Nanny.”

Advertising Agency: Publicis, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Hugo Rodrigues; Kevin Zung
Art Director: Antonio Correa
Copywriters: Guilherme Nesti, Luis Felipe Figueiredo
Agency Producers: Rita Vilarim, Thiago Loureiro, Emerson Russo
Production Company: Farol Filmes
Sound Studio: Voicez

Do you think we need Control Toys in your neighborhood toy store?
How does this “Control Toys” ad make you feel?

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