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Swine Flu (H1N1 virus) Karma Perspective (10 minute video)

Here is the video I promised, it will explain the connection to stress anxiety the immune system and how doing business, and relate to each other, the “Zappos way”, could help us prevent future flu outbreaks and much more…

(if you do not have 10 minutes, just go directly to min 6:43 of this video)

This video will  show you my personal perspective, please share your ideas and impressions below.

I strongly believe, that unless we learn how to do business ( and in every day life, simply relate, communicate with each other) with the clear intentions of creating a benefit for all who are involved in the production, as well as “the prime intention”, long term, best possible, product and experience, for the end consumer (a friend, a fellow human being), we may find ourselves taking short cuts with devastating outcome.

I also believe, that every one is able to do “the right thing”, but first for all of us, the perspectives on life, money and self worth must be “adjusted”.

Understanding the concept of doing the “right thing”, may not be enough, which is the prime reason for Karma and Inner Energy Secrets Training.

Does anyone know where the H1N1 virus came from?

CNN – Pigs are kept in cages, and are not let to be pigs!
Pigs are under constant stress
Pigs are fed with animal byproduct

The flowing video will answer some of these questions:

Could a stressed person also be the first to get any flu?

What can we do to protect ourselves?
What can we do to protect our family?
What can we do to protect our business?

How is the flu related to Karma?

Could we avoid the flu if we were vegetarian?

“Making a Profit” vs “Producing and/or Growing Food”

Could there be a different life perspective?

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