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Erik Valdman – The Art of BIM

Stuck In My Own Head

I only had a chance to give her a quick assessment over the phone. We will be doing the practical part at a time set for next week. I just know that our meeting was not a coincidence…

She is a young lady with a lot of potential. She has done a variety of courses on self development. Attends Yoga classes and if things get really tough she remembers to meditate. She begun with Deepack Chopra and Wayne Dyer, now exploring the Shamanic Teachings of Carlos Castaneda. When it comes to spirituality and energy, every one seeks her advice…But ‘she can’t get out of her own head’ !

Lisa (not her real name), like many others, simply can’t find away to apply what she knows. I was asking her of the number one reason for her call to me…She mentioned her unstable relationship, that seems to go back and forth, stomach issues…She really feels that she should be in a much better place and no matter what she tried, she seems to be going back to the same.

Anxiety is her number one challenge. But not just anxiety, it is mostly that voice that never seems to go away, a voice of self criticism. Even though Lisa is relatively young, that voice was there since she can remember herself, but with time it has gotten loader and loader, and now she is stuck.

She has asked if I was teaching a ‘heart centered’ meditation and what was the source of my teachings.  I quickly explained that it was likely not the one that she refereed to, but yes we will be going to the core of self recognition and the art is an integration of many ancient traditions including the more modern study of bio-energy .

The Art of BIM is a way to awaken many ancient methods from the energy core to the expressions of emotions, thoughts and physical movements and postures. The beauty is that even when I am guiding a group of students, I never show them what postures they need to take or tell them what thoughts or feelings they should experience…all happens from within. As we raise the energy, they are literally guided into their unique postures and movements integrating ancient knowledge in their genetic and karmic potential.

So if you are too ,stuck in your own head , self critical and often anxious, lets talk. We can pinpoint your unique challenge and create a great energy program to help you back into the driving seat.

Don’t delay, call Michelle at 416-410-1290. Monday to Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. eastern time.

Erik Valdman’s The Art of BIM is Based On The Integration Of Thousand Year Old Knowledge With Latest Scientific Discoveries. Since Erik Begun Teaching, early 2000, Erik Has Spent Thousands of Hours of Research, With Over 7,000 Case Studies and Reached A World Wide Audience. The Art of BIM Is A Practical Life Changing Experience And Has Been Praised By Many As:”The Most Comprehensive Course For Solving Stress and Anxiety Recently Developed Integrating Modern and Ancient Traditions, Inner Energy and Karma.”

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