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Erik Valdman – The Art of BIM

Being Your Own GURU

The  most crucial variable of a ‘good meditation’ is your MINDSET.

But before we even tackle mindsets, we have another challenge to overcome. Many believe that to meditate you need to sit still, be ‘focused’ or even ‘calm’. The very first thing that we learn is that to meditate you need to come ‘as you are’.  As you are right now. That is it.

The next obstacle is finding your FREEDOM to meditate.  As funny as it may sound, we are so self conscious and judgmental that we have forgotten what it is to give ourselves freedom. We simply not trusting our body. Beginners often stiffen, control or even try correct the natural expressions of their body.

Good thing we are meditating!:)

As we learn to raise the energy, the freedom and the acceptance of self becomes easier and easier until we forget about it all together. Freedom becomes our new norm…

And then we search for a higher freedom !

“Like a Child at Play” I often remind you during your meditation. “Like a Leaf in The Wind” let the energy take you, guide you as you are witnessing yourself in this moment…

The Art of BIM is based on raising your inner energy and allowing your inner hidden potential to guide you to first reach a ‘survival level’ through what we call ‘self regulation’ and then to ‘beyond survival’ a state of ‘dynamic balance’ . Dynamic Balance is reached by bringing your mind from a state of witness to a state of active participant in the meditation process. We call these Dynamic Mindsets.

Given the Energy and the Freedom the body begins expressing itself in the most incredible way, often resembling Yoga postures or Tai Chi movements. Actually all these arts were once discovered in exact same way. The ‘GURU’ has been able to raise the energy and he was guided.

Now you can be ‘your own guru’ as you perfectly match your energy to the external expression which begins at the level of emotion, formulates into a thought, expresses in the physical levels of your body and only then becomes a posture or a movement. No ‘trial and error’.

We will cover more about that  here later.

In the next few posts I will be sharing some of the Dynamic Mindsets which when expressed in total unified form during meditation can rapidly change your life.  We will demonstrate how by reaching them during meditation we change our life perspectives and begin the journey to gaining new levels of awareness.

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