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Remembering Your Needs Can Save Your Relationship!

Forgetting about yourself common and is an important karma marriage and relationship question :

One thing which I have noticed is that for many years I have been placing a lot of of attention on other peoples needs, and not mine, its has if I have neglected myself! I am ready to put myself first. How?

Your challenge of ‘other people needs’ vs ‘your needs’ is now on your mind and priority because you may not feel accomplished and meeting your potential.

In the past you may have felt that if you just able to satisfy others you would feel complete. You now realized it just does not work. Nor will they value what you do enough. You may recognize that the only way to get their love and approval

The moment you will feel that you are getting your share of growth…you will first experience the changes of energy, which you may be able to notice in your attitude and outlook, you will just be much easier to make decisions, feel less offended by others and more content with yourself, stages of that will be showing themselves, you will still be having ups and downs but you will be more able to let go.

That will express in your actions, choice and results, in that order. Results is what others will have easier time to notice first, those who are closer to you and care more about you, will also notice your patience and attitude change as well. Once you feel that return of positive attention from those around you, it will no longer feel wrong to attend to their needs.

Bottom line attending to your needs actually answers directly to what others really need from you in the first place. They what to be around someone who is growing.

Now you can feel comfortable placing yourself first, knowing that it has a great benefit to others.


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