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Mark Zuckerberg Inspires Social Growth

Recently I was inspired by the speech of Mark Zuckerberg about the social growth of sharing information.

I see this kind of social sharing, or being ‘more social’ and doubling every year, as the first signs of the growing recognition of ‘personal uniqueness’ ‘self value’. But not in a selfish way, as to be able to express yourself you need to be equally excepting the value of others. Now both the ability to express yourself and the willingness to except others, world wide, is nothing short of ‘spiritual awakening’.

Are you being social? or are you resisting it in the name of privacy, who cares what you did this morning…I know that I was?

Inner growth and social growth in Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Picture and Video Sharing

Mark was giving an example: if we could fold over a plain paper fifty times, how high would it reach? Well, it can take us to the moon and back one hundred and fifty times!

Our physical growth, rejuvenation of cells works on this doubling formula, we call it division of cells.

Here we can recognized that the more natural something may be the more it would likely to resemble a ‘compound growth’ than a ‘linear growth’.

But all is initiated by energy. Einstein proved that Energy can not be created nor destroyed and it has a direct relation to physical mass, so this quantum change must be related to compounding.

Then the question of momentum came to mind…it must have the power of the same compound growth…inner growth.

Just like the cells are doubling in the power of the second chakra every chakra must contribute to this exponential growth. What we control is when it may happen in us.

But Compounding seems to be extremely difficult for the human mind to grasp.

There must be very little logic in compound exponential growth…maybe even some magic.

So what are you doing to support your social sharing abilities from within?

I meditate.

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