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Karma Secrets – “What Am I Doing Here On Earth?”

David from the UK is asking:

“What am I doing on earth, I don’t from one day to another where I’m going.

Sometime I’m up sometimes I’m down?”




Dear David,

What am I doing here on earth?” is something I am lately being asked very often. Actually this is one of the BIG questions many philosophers have been attempting to answer for years, and before them for thousands of years, amongst other important questions, many spiritual paths would present.


Today, I can tell you one thing, that your being alive, your existence is not coincidental. You, not only have a place to be, but a contribution to make. A contribution, so unique that there is no one else living today, or living in the past who has that special ability but you. That is your Karmic Predisposition. The Ups and Downs of daily life are also a very normal way to experience life. Within these ups and downs you can find the inspiration to discover your path and come closer to living that same purpose.


But there is a problem, ups and downs can be within either a “Survival Mode”or within a “Growth Mode”.

When caught within the Ups and Downs of the “Survival Mode” you may feel very unpleasant even useless. Naturally you likely to feel stuck, bound, unfulfilled and and in a long run, things are not going your way, no matter how much you try.


On the other hand within the “Growth Mode” the same ups and downs also exist but feel much more inspiring and natural, you often feel guided, every small effort seems to make scene and worth wile…


In Karma Secrets Training you will experience a noticeable shift from that stressful “Survival Mode” to the a more inspiring “Growth Mode”. The initial shift often happens very quickly, as in Karma Secrets you do much more than simply gain knowledge and awareness…


Karma Secrets is a experiential training where you go through real physiological changes.

To add to the knowledge, you learn to acquire the very element that takes you “Beyond Survival”…ENERGY!


I hope this answers your question, inspires you for more


Erik Valdman

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