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Karma Secrets – People need other people and it is a fact.

This post is a part of our Karma Secrets for Healers Training

People need other people and it is a fact.

We know that when a child is born the first visual signal of health is the child’s response to our communication.

When a child matures the level of their communication defines their progress and the parent’s happiness. As we grow up not only our level of communication but also how well we are able to communicate would determent our progress and success in life.

As we naturaly seek approval and support from others we look for people and create groups to communicate with. Communication becomes easier with those who we have something in common with. In the old days we relied on people and groups who were in close proximity from us.

So we used to group by family connection, gender, age groups, skill, later place of birth, ethnicity, looks, common challenges: such as illnesses, common goals: such as learning a trade, or achieving a physical, financial, or intellectual goal.

So many groups have been created based on interests, profession, love for animals, wine, sports, sport team fans as well etc. We want to know about others, people magazine, news, entertainment and reality shows are amongst the greatest examples.

Our “Greatest Interest” Will Determent Our Greatest Common Denominator, and will inevitably determent who we seek to be with and share our life with. “The Greatest Common Denominator” will also inevitably determent who will be influencing us, our decisions and our actions the most.

What is your greatest common denominator?

I have found that the greatest common denominator is not at all “A Free Choice” it is not based on a thought, or a intelgent choice we make. The Greatest Common Denominator (TGCD) is an instinctive inner decision that is predetermined, first genetically expressed at your birth but than it can and will change. My current research into the seven chakras have brought me to a conclusion that TGCD is solely determined by the “DOMINANT CHAKRA”. I have defined a dominant chakra to be the one that, when strengthened, gives us the most pleasure.

To be continued…

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