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Erik Valdman – The Art of BIM

Karma Secrets – How To Sell Your House Fast – West Queen West Houses – Why Is My House Not Selling?

Karma consultation resources

Ending Stress and Anxiety

If you are looking to sell a house in West Queen West you want to call Yan Gurevich who is Your West Queen West Real Estate agent (HARVEY KALLES). http://westqueenwesthomes.com/

More Karma consultation resources

Ending Stress and Anxiety

How Personalized Meditations Help Solve Stress, Anxiety and Insomnia

Got to much stress and worry about your property?
Get your sleep back http://www.erikvaldman.com/theblueprint/

If you are an Agent, a Broker or a private individual who is ready to list a property in West Queen West or any other area in Toronto, and you want to sell your house fast, you may want to check with Erik Valdman (Karma Secrets) and see how the Energy of your property, what could lower its price, clear any ‘Energy Liens’ as soon as possible and get the buyers fall in love with it…

Ending Stress and Anxiety

3:00 How to deal with a high-stress Real Estate job?
5:00 ‘Highest Energy Wins’ and what to do when negative people come into your life?
6:00 How to Be Attractive even at a distance? How people can feel your energy through an e-mail…
6:40 More about ‘Negative People’
7:10 Immediate and Practical Benefits of Meditation in your business
9:05 Talking Real Estate and Why Some Properties do not sell at a higher price, no matter what you do?
11:00 ‘Energy Liens’ that could make a property unattractive to buyers and how to solve it quickly

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