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How Personalized Meditations Help Solve Stress, Anxiety and Insomnia

Your Blue Print To Understanding Insomnia

Most people address sleep problem and insomnia itself, but just as any holistic practice, we need to address the person and not the symptom.

The attention to you, as a whole person is not new. Many ancient practices have shown this in their remedies and wisdom. In the modern day, you can see a holistic approach practised in naturopathic and with herbal remedies. But often these are not enough…

As your sleep challenges do not originate from any physical problems, the ultimate solutions can’t be found there either.

Yes, you may have headaches, abdominal pain, muscle pain and back pain, but even the origins of these are emotional, not physical.

Everyone agrees that our body has what it needs to rejuvenate. Many studies have been made to show the effects of anxiety and stress on our body and mind, as well as the direct benefits of meditation.

Many meditation techniques are great to help you relax, get away from the pressures of the day. The more advanced meditations are able to go deeper, not only help you relax but also help you gain new energy.

Even a simple headache can be a cause of a combination of things, luck of liquids, not proper diet, not enough rest, even weather-related, but those are much easier to solve.

Despite the good information, Insomnia and inadequate quality of sleep is becoming a bigger problem every day.

Could there be another solution?

What if your headache is caused by stress, anxiety and overwhelm requires a different kind of attention?

What if stress related to your job situation, family situation, a loss of a loved one, can be resolved by addressing your very unique state of energy?

Even though our stress anxiety and insomnia may look very similar on the outside, the inner reasons are very different.

By properly assessing the individual, a proper technique will be prescribed. as the root of the problem is different, Meditations could be very different as well.

Some people have difficulty falling asleep, others tend to wake up at very specific times through the night, others just wake up through the night, others can only sleep in the morning.

Some actually have an opposite response and no matter how many hours they sleep they do not feel rejuvenated.

So what is the best way to address insomnia?

Erik Valdman speaks of the connection between the activity times of the meridians, the dominant chakras, but most of all, the availability of bio-energy.Erik has derived a “The Energy Blueprint” this simple chart is based on an integration of ancient knowledge of east and west traditions and will help you assess what category your insomnia may be related to. When you will know what specific meridians, what variations in your chakras are taking you out of your balance.

The next step would be, matching the right type of meditation that can help you most.

You probably didn’t think of these, but Each chakra is related to the days of the week. As there are seven chakras so there are 7 days of the week. The 24-hour clock is directly related to the 12 main meridians supplying energy to your organs and systems. Each of these meridians has a 2 hour activity time.
What if you could pinpoint, which of your meridians and chakras are affecting your sleep? Then use an integrated meditation, chi and yoga energy combined, at the exact time to help you raise the energy needed and help your strangling body.
(But note that just addressing the meridians and the chakras separately you may not be able to achieve the ultimate holistic solution you are seeking.)

By knowing the state of your chakras and your meridians, you will be able to much easier help stimulate the more subtle energy system and bring it back to a new dynamic balance.

Now, did you notice that when you’re really tired your body begins twitching, spine begins moving, and children, who are much more free in tuned with their bodies, begin sliding down their chairs? Next, comes the yawning and the stretching. Your body is self-regulating to sleep. We know that because when you are overly exhausted you do not even have the energy to yawn.

But incredible thing happens, you would expect to lay down and fall asleep, but you don’t.

If your energy is still sufficient, you would fall asleep but will find yourself tossing and turning through the night.

Often waking up facing the opposite side of the bed.when the energy is insignificant, you simply can’t sleep at all.

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