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The Blueprint – To Help You Sleep

Erik PhotoIf difficulty sleeping has become a big problem and now effecting your health, your work, your relationships and the overall quality of your life – You are at the right place.

You need sleep. Nothing is more important. Period.

My name is Erik Valdman and since 1999 I have been helping thousands of people seeking to gain their energy, mental clarity, overcome chronic fatigue, stress, anxiety and insomnia.
But before we begin our journey together please note, that I am not a medical doctor, and you will not be prescribed any remedies.

Our work is based on helping awaken your inner potential, using non-medicated approach and methods based on integrated ancient traditions.

Most people you seek my help come to me by referral. Most have already tried other remedies and methods but could not get the help they needed.

If you are here you must be in a very similar place and are ready to get your sleep back.


Our work will consist of three stages.

First would be the assessment. I would need to know more about you.

Here you will share with me some important information about your sleeping patterns, your physical sensations and your thoughts.

If I feel that we can get immediate results, we will set up a private appointment. During this appointment, we will further assess your energy and complete your blueprint assessment.

Following the very first session, you will begin feeling a difference in your energy, thoughts and emotional state.

The final stage is creating a follow-up program, where we will set up a step by step plan to help you reach your goals.

Sleep BLuePrint

For best results, you should be prepared to think ‘outside the box’. You need to be open to the possibility that your sleep is not the problem to solve but a symptom to recognize. In my experience, the true solution to insomnia can only be in addressing you as a whole, you as an individual.

With each day passing your energy drops, your emotional and physical state weakens. If you are ready to get help now, do not delay any longer.

Here is how to set up our initial, complimentary, on the phone, Sleep Blueprint Assessment

Schedule time with me
your complimentary session online

2.Simply e-mail me at
and share your #1 challenge and any special message you have for me.That is it. I will then personally reply to your message and we will agree on a time for our 30 minutes ‘on the phone’ assessment.

3. Call Michelle @ (416) 410-1290 and she will set the time for you to call

With Respect Erik Valdman