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Karma Secrets and Epigenetics as Science solve a psychiatric mystery

Erik Valdman

As I was preparing the materials for tonights presentation I saw a Globe and Mail (a leading Toronto news paper) on the table in front of me… a coincidence…of course not…on page A6 (under Genetics) I find an article titled “Science solve a psychiatric mystery”.

As you might have read my current article in the Vitality Magazine where I shared the story of how I begun my path and my research into the the connection of Stress, Anxiety, Mood, Psychiatric Disorders as well as physical ailments to “Inner Energy” and Karma.

Now, I am very fortunate to live in Toronto, it is leading in many fields of scientific research, such as “New genetic link to autism” and Dr. Gordon Keller, one of the world’s leading stem cell scientists, is coming back to Canada to head a new research centre in Toronto.

Today, Arturas Petronis, senior scientist at the Krembil Family Epigenetic Laboratory at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, has found there is a distinctive pattern in the on-off switches controlling roughly 40 different genes in the brains of psychiatric patients suffering from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Now this article also mentioned “one theory – from the emerging field of – is that while their genes are virtually identical, the switches that control them are different. The result is too little or too much of the proteins that make up the brain and keep it running.”

“Traditionally, when we talk about human diseases we talk about two groups of factors, genetic factors and environmental factors. Now we are bringing in a third layer, which will be equally important if not more important than DNA sequences and environment,” Dr. Petronis said.

He is a pioneer in the field of human epigenetics, the study of genetic changes that don’t involve mutations in DNA.

If DNA is the hardware of inheritance, the epigenetic operating system is the software, controlling the 30,000 genes that carry instructions for the proteins that make up our bodies and keep them working.

Scientists are still deciphering what they describe as a second genetic code. They know that a number of chemicals in our bodies act like dimming switches and determine whether every gene in each cell produces a lot of a particular protein, very little or none of it.” Globe and Mail

Now apparently In laboratories around the world, researchers are looking at the different ways these dimming switches work.

But epigenetics could also help explain more than the differences between people who are genetically identical. Scientists are now looking at many common diseases, including cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and lupus, to see if they might be caused, at least in part, by the switching system that activates and deactivates genes.” Globe and Mail

For many years practicing The Art of BIM, and my research into Karma Secrets, a unique form of Understanding Energy and Practicing Meditation has shown incredible results in Awakening Our Inner Hidden (Dormant) Potential…to heal or express our incredible Talents and Individuality.

Could Karma Secrets shine the light on discovering the switching system that activates and deactivates genes?

I will be presenting these concepts at the Holistic World Expo March 14-16 in Toronto, Canada. For more information please e-mail michelle@theartofbim.com or call (416) 410-1290

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