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Erik Valdman

Here we are, It is that time again. As many of you know, I have been presenting at Health Shows world wide for almost eight years now. I will be back this year at a few shows in Toronto. The first is just in a few weeks Holistic World March 14-16 at the Toronto Convention Centre.

If you are in Toronto, come and visit me at The Art of BIM booth at the Holistic World , you can also receive a Karma and Bio-Energy Diagnosis. During the diagnosis I will carefully look at your Energy field, your Karma, and give you a feedback at the origins of emotional and physical ailments. As I have studied over 7,000 cases in the past seven years, I extend that experience in the diagnosis to connect Karma, Inner Energy, Back Problems, Emotional and Physical Inness, Relationship Challenges and Life Success. What many do not realize that it is their only chance to get this diagnosis…since I do not give them outside of shows.

The Personal Diagnosis, the case studies, and the new findings and research,inspire my guidance at The Human Energy Reserves Centre, Offering programs in mind body medicine, self discovery, emotional wellness, meditation and personal empowerment in the physical and now in virtual environments.

As my audience grows to many world countries I am going to be offering more Live Virtual Lessons and Courses. You can begin your training now… go to www.KarmaSecrets.com for videos, audios and lessons.

But if you are in Toronto, please visit our booth (The Art of BIM) and receive your personal Karma and Bio-Energy Diagnosis. I will also be giving a short energy experience at the Holistic World Toronto Show on Friday, March 14th at the Main Stage . My presentation time on Friday is 7-8 pm.

Following the Holistic World Toronto Show, you are invited to attend Karma Secrets Live Toronto Event.

Please Note: Karma Secrets Live Toronto Event ( March 19th) will not be available on a Live Webcast, but You might be able to purchase it as a “Webcast Replay” at a later date.

Whether you will be there live or on a replay, during my demonstration you will be able to have a “Hands On” Energy Experience as I will Raise My Energy Frequency… then I will teach you how you can raise your energy levels as well. I will also be happy to answer your Karma, Energy, Healing and Diagnosis questions.

Karma Secrets Live Toronto Event will be held On Wednesday evening, March 19th at The Carrot Common (on Danforth and Chester) . For more information please call Michelle at (416) 410-1290 or e-mail: michelle@theartofbim.com.

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