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Karma and Inner Energy Secrets Replay

If you are following me on twitter, or on my karma secrets mailing list you will be receiving a personal invitation to watch The Replay of my Wednesday, April 22 presentation, which will be airing this Monday April 27 at 2:00pm and 7:30 eastern time. Karma and Inner Energy Secrets five week training.

I was wondering what your definition of Karma is
and how do you feel your Karma is effecting your life?
(please share your views ask a question and comment on your experience here

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  • admin

    Hello Erik

    Re Karma – I feel it is many things but perhaps to define it I feel it is “what one gives out, one receives back” there is no good or bad just energy.

    I sometimes question what karma is occurring in my life – eg old karma (past lives included) and how I manifest now. is the reason we don’t always manifest our desires due to old karma or our methods of manifestation??? Still haven’t worked out the answer to my question as yet, and sometimes I am unable to really articulate my question so I may find the answer.

    Kind regards


  • admin

    Hi Erik

    Greeting in peace.

    Just to share. Correct me if am sending the wrong massaage.

    Karma is :

    To day your students come to you and meet together and to share and learn together. – Is you and their good karma. You’ll united again as a family.

    To day you and me not meet each other and can learn together through email – Is my karma not to have a chance to close contact with my teacher but we still meet and learn from distance this is our karma.

    To day other being will meet together and doing the same things but will cause them suffering later -that is their karma to meet together and share the suffering karma.

    So karma is in our daily life -think before we said and we act, all being to day we meet * friend, family members, work mates, teachers, students, animals and country we stay is our past karma.

    Karma is sample – no chose, no word, no complain, no blaming , no timing , no colour , no direction, no races. Just accept it, Just Face it, Just Handle it and Just do it.

    With Metta
    HL Lee

  • admin

    I havent watched anything yet;

    Karma is a big question because I think it depends on your awareness.

    Christ suggested that the only karma that exists is” what you have loved; as everything else is based on projections… and I have seen threads of karma in my life that was pasted through a previous life so…I think karma gives us the opportunity to complete our understanding about love…but I have so much to learn..


  • admin

    Hi Erik:

    I understand (personally) that my Karma is or are deeds that need to live thru or manifest in the physical experience since and if I am the one that generated mentally, by sheer desire, or passionately or sometimes even just thinking about it.

    If I desire an apple, I will somehow make it possible by going to the fridge or to the supermarket.


  • admin

    Dear Erik, I believe when you do something to hurt someone,or something that is wrong Karma is a way the Universe pays us back, or if we are good, Karma will be good to us. Love & Light Rebecca

  • admin

    Sir, Fore me the meaning of karma is to do your duty or work in a spirit of complete dedication, cheerfully, honestly sincerely & not to get bogged down by distractions hurdles impediments, Karmanye wadi karastey maa phaleshu kadachaney. R.K.Pandit

  • admin

    Hello Erik,

    Thank you for your e-mail.

    In response to your question, karma, in basic terms, can be defined as a
    cause-effect relationship. For every action one can expect to receive some form
    of a response. Every thought, action, and emotions there is some form of energy,
    which manifests itself in some action. Like a bumerang effect.
    Thus, every individul has their own karma, which can be attempted to be
    correlated to what we know as fate. Although, I can argue, that fate can be
    somewhat determined by ones own actions, a particular genetic make-up, and so
    on… – but can karma?
    Is karma something we can consciously control on a daily basis? Or is it
    something that has been predetermined? I incline to thinking, that karma can
    somewhat be determined by ones own conscious actions on a daily basis.

    Also, important to make a distinction between fate and karma. They must
    intertwine somewhere.

    The above is simply my short version, or a definition based on my knowledge

    Thank you,


  • admin

    Dear Eric,
    I define karma as a thought or action performed with strong emotions becomes imprinted in your mind or consciousness.This then attracts the same vibratory energy back to you.If you again react to it the same way then it reinforces itself in your mind and you begin to believe it as reality. eg If a person A has a negative feeling towards someone B,then this person A will look for some thing to prove to himself that he is right which then creates a scenario where this person will experience some thing bad with person B.This then reinforces person A ,belief that person B is not a nice person.This becomes person A karma.Now this negative feelings of person A will attract more of the same.This is karma

    Looking forward for your replay.


  • admin

    Hi Erik, it’s good to hear from you.

    My definition of Karma? How about this: I was thinking about contacting you this weekend but you contacted me. Hmmm.

    Karma to me is the interplay between cause and effect, plus all the subsequent effects. In my view everything is connected, although modern society treats everything as separate entities. The effects on this biosphere we call earth are being demonstrated in changing weather patterns, depletion of soil, wars over resources (ultimately). Energy is neither created nor destroyed, but it is often converted inefficiently. We have gotten farther from our original plan and are paying the price.

    No, I haven’t been “regulating” the way I would like to. My i-Pod is not recognized on my computer any more, and the cat (honestly!) ate my headphones (actually about 9 different headphones). This is a different cat; Petie passed on in October 2007 at 18½ years. Melissa found us a great new cat a little over a year ago.

    Thanks for the invite, I’ll try to see if I can catch the 7:30 play. BTW, how long is it?

  • admin

    Hi Erik,

    Thanks so much for your karma diagnosis. I am amazed. It is so accurate.

    You said: the important decision has been made on my side a day and a half before Sunday morning; I had a final meeting with a landlord of my business premises on Friday at 1PM.
    You said: I was tired; I am extremely tired.
    You said: there are no people around me (family, friends); you are absolutely right.
    You said: my right hip was injured and it affects my right knee; there is a problem with my right hip, my right leg is shorter and it might affect my left leg somehow.
    You said: I have a problem with making decisions; yes, at this particular time I am making some decisions and I am not sure if this is the way I want to go to.
    I believe I am a good communicator and a giving person.

    The only thing I would question is my moodiness and my ups and downs; I am going through a very hard time in my life but, surprisingly to me, it does barely affect my mood.

    Your diagnosis was amazing. Thanks again.


  • admin

    I view it as inner strength and with that strength person is able to live beyond survival mode.

  • Karney McGee

    the law of karma only exists in the worlds of duality. it is a subset of the law of love which operates and originates in the non-duel worlds. through the law of love, the law of karma is sourced (empowered) and allows for soul to experience the effect of choices that soul has made. it is an instructive law…bringing one back to “being” and acting once again from the law of love. karma is not set in motion (there is no cause and effect…there is JUST BEING) when one’s consciousness acts from this non-duel divine source (this touches on the law of unity). karmas sole purpose it it elevate consciousness…it has no other purpose…in fact, it cannot exist when ones consciousness (and thus actions, thoughts, desires etc) emanate from their divine self. karma is a gift but it takes a certain state of consciousness to recognize this…and another to move toward the higher laws so that karma no longer has a hold on ones reality…and this occurs when karma no longer has a lesson to teach that soul…because it’s already been learned. consciousness IS everything…karma is just a tool to encourage it’s expansion.

  • Karney McGee

    and just to add one last thing to the previous posting….hmmmm…in my experience it is much more effective to put one’s attention on the law of love….rather than the law of karma…practically speaking…it’s like putting your attention on what you wish to experience rather than what you wish to avoid.

    thanks for this blog…keep up the great work!

  • admin

    Hi Eric,

    Well my definition of karma is plainly…whatever you sow, so shall you reap. I have always understood it this way. It is always good to watch over your thoughts, feelings and emotions, because if you get all of those right, then of course of what you get back is of feeling good about life and your own existence.

    Just pure acceptance about the self is incredible because you first start to love yourself and so your expectation from other people is very low. You are less concerned about opinions and gossip because you know you are not what other people think of you more than what you think about yourself. So you put the SELF first into consideration…

    Well this is my thoughts about KARMA. Thank you for giving me the chance to share for the same.

    Best Wishes,

  • admin

    Hi Erik,

    Re: Definition of Karma

    We were brought to this world to go through physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual range of experiences to deepen our inner growth.

    Right now all the circumstances of my present life are pushing me into a new direction.

    All of the best,


  • admin

    I had to think about this for a couple of days.
    Based on your teaching and my own prior learning:

    Karma is- Cosmic energy that shapes and defines all living things
    full energetic potential.


    David Fab

  • admin

    I view it as inner strength and with that strength person is able to live beyond survival mode.

  • meerakd

    according to me karma is what we bring into life as consequences from past life. we are born into certain family are attachment from past life. hence try to rise above family. get up and start looking at the world as ONE. when one is in love with the whole existence the word karma disappears from the dictonary of LIFE,
    thanks for the email you so very kindly sent!
    meera khanna

  • admin

    dear Eric

    i am getting your posts many times, even though i have unsubscribed, the reason why i unsubscribed is because i am a spiritualist practicing the path of bhakti-yoga and my spiritual master is directing me time and time again that the only spiritual path in this world is bhakti, and the world will soon be awakened to this, i suppose that all other paths are just a reminder that we have to wake up spiritually but bhakti is the only path that this world needs.

    the answer to your question is that karma is both the action and the reaction that we get from doing an action in our countless lifes as human beings, once we dedicate or sucrifise our karma to the supreme God then we do not get any reactions and are able to be released from the cycle of birth and death.

    i am hoping this meets you in good health and in a compassionate mood.
    Indu pati das.

  • admin

    Hi Erik,
    I tried the forwarded links and it wouldn’t work for me.
    So here I am writing to tell you about my thoughts of what Karma is in my life.
    I realized that I have heard many other peoples definition and opinions about what Karma is, and I have realized that with all honesty I have experienced it but not realized exactly what it is. This I believe is because of karma’s interconnectedness with both our worlds of seen and unseen. Regardless the search still will go on, and the answer will be realized only when the seeker owns it from within. That is where I feel to need follow my search of Karma.

    Thanks for your question. Too bad the link didn’t work. I am sure your approach of Karma would be a very interesting one, as always.

    Have a great day.



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