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Inner Energy As The Hidden Component To Your Success – From Personal Growth To Finding Your Life’s Purpose

erik valdman

During a recent Karma and Inner Energy Secrets presentation at the Total Health Show 2009, there were many question requiring the definition of “Personal Growth” and Success.

Personal Growth could be observed and measured on many different levels.

Where some would place more value on knowledge or education, receiving a formal degree would be defined as personal growth. Others who have a more practical outlook on life consider achieving a higher salary, or position as their ultimate personal growth. There are also those who search for power, and others need respect.

Some view personal growth as a more successful family life, or even a gain in spiritual awareness, or enlightenment.

Inevitably we would view ”Personal Growth” based on our, and our sphere of influences, current life perspectives.

However you define personal growth, you will soon realize that to achieve personal growth on any level, you would ultimately require “Inner Energy”.

Inner Energy, as it has been described in many ancient, eastern and western traditions, has always preceded any form of action.

Here Inner Energy becoming the necessary component to support our emotional strength and self confidence, to create a clear vision of our desired outcome, to give a true physical strength and the necessary inspiration to take immediate action.

Inner Energy as the hidden component to our success, has the ability to do more than just empower but also redefine our personal growth from the inside out.

Ultimately reflecting Success, Personal Growth could be defined as the steps you take towards your True Life’s Purpose.

As you are experiencing inner growth, your path, your purpose may include greater and greater elements of helping others through inspiration.

Helping through Giving and Helping through Inspiring could have some what of a different meaning. Helping through Giving is giving away from what you have, at times it is very difficult and limiting, as you may feel that you do not have enough to give.

Helping others through inspiring, could expressed a much more true and powerful gift. Inspiring others, giving them power is unselfish and unlimited. Inspiration which comes from the very essence of who you are, regardless of how much physical possessions you have. Inspiring and not giving becomes more rewording as one person has the ability to inspire an entire nation.

To be an inspiration, you need not change anything about you.

The opposite is true, it is the very uniqueness and individuality of who you currently are, rich or poor, tall or short, young or old, walking or on a wheel chair, inner energy at your disposal, guided by your intention you need not change a thing, but use your individuality and personal power. You, as you are, can begin making immediate difference in your life and in the lives of others.

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