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How Does Karma Effect Your Life ?

Karma is just like genetics when it comes to its diagnosis. Even though every single moment is effecting and guiding your future, some moments leave a much greater impact.

Although Karma has mostly an unconscious, almost hidden nature, just like your genetics, it is capable of effecting every single moment, decision and life experience you have.

In ‘Life Line Karma Diagnosis’ you will know exactly which past events have changed the course of your life.
Now you will be able to see your entire life line, from the very moment of your birth, unfold in very clear year by year, day by day, moment to moment events and their equivalent states of energy.

The ancients of all traditions spoke of Karma , actions reactions state and how each and every event continues to effect you today

The ancients also knew how to change your karma.

Karma effects us on often very deep unconscious levels which makes it very difficult to rationalize and almost impossible to change.
In the past only the very enlightened could change their karma

The truth is that we can never change the past events, but apparently to change your karma, you don’t need to. Changing how the energy of that event effects your life today is the ultimate journey of life.

The gifts of the ancients, are the very few clues which they have left behind, spoke and written off.
Only now, as we begin better to know ourselves from within, their teqniques and mindsets can become a valuable tool to find your ultimate path and your happiness 

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