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Your body gives you pain as your opportunity to solve deep emotional and physical Karma

Your body gives you pain as your opportunity to solve deep emotional and physical Karma.

Today, many gifted healers and teachers of ancient lineages,  who do understand Karma, find themselves in the exact same place as the ancient teachers did. The student dictates their will for a remedy and instant gratification.

The Karma ways remain a secret.

The modern healers even when treating with natural remedies and energy healing, are addressing only the physical, mental, emotional levels. Even the chakras and meridians are treated as physical symptoms losing the window of opportunity for deeper Karma changes. Not addressing the Karma as you treating the symptoms even energetically, pushes the real reasons for illness deeper to the hidden unconscious where it sure to continue to grow.  Later to manifest with much greater force and harder symptoms.

If you are in pain – the opportunity is now. If you have been listening to the ancient teachings, the power of now, of being in the present can heal all wounds. Being able to be in the moment can make miracles happen.

But at what sacrifice? At what price ? Does it require many years of practice? Seclusion? Ancient potions? What secrets one must discover ?

The next few pages may give you some clues about deep healing, high energy, ancient meditations, and the role of your Karma in your recovering, healing and personal growth journey.

Karma and  illness.

How Your Pain Effects Your Karma.

You are probably thinking the exact opposite. You are saying that : oh my pain, my illness, my life is because of my Karma.

There are different physical pains. We pain in our heart. We pain in our lungs. We pain in our liver. We pain from inability to get a good night sleep. We pain from back aches and from digestion problems. We pain physically and Emotionally…

But did you ever ask yourself of the reasons of these pains? Are they just your bad luck? What are their true source? Are they just physical ? Are they mental ? Are they really emotional ? Maybe they are Genetic? Maybe the food, air, water, the Environment is to blame ?  Or worse, maybe it is your Karma and completely out of your hands?

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