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Why Good People Get Ill ? (Google English Translation of Original Article in Chinese)

Why do good people love sick, not longevity? Energy Medicine Tells You (Original Authors)
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Click Here for the Original Article in Chinese as appeared on December 2nd 2016

God has given Erik Valdman a magical function. On the one hand, he is able to diagnose a person’s physical and mental pain through the vibrations of the body’s energy field (even if he does not need to be present and can be seen before the pain has been shown). Diagnosis), on the other hand, he can re-adjust the body’s energy fluctuations, allowing the body to quickly start the body’s self-healing ability, so as to achieve the effect of lifting the pain.

Erik’s speech will be very shocking every time, the presence of the audience are all admired for his profound knowledge, all for his rapid and accurate diagnosis and admiration, and his on-site energy transfer so that each participant feel the body adjustment Of the experience. People have realized that life has always been in command of the body to do things, and Erik meditation (meditation) on the contrary, is the body to guide us. From the natural point of view, in accordance with the guidance of the body to do things, the results can be the best.

Why do good people love sick?
Erik explained that this phenomenon is because such a good person often lack self-identity (self identity), do not know their true value, thus the lack of self-esteem and self-love. In the absence of self-awareness, she (they) are often used to pay the way to make up for this shortcoming, hoping to get the respect and spiritual energy. From the perspective of energy medicine, the lack of self-identity or hope in the outside world to get energy in the way, the result is the opposite: is the loss of energy, rather than access to energy. Mental energy is the basic guarantee of the body’s healthy survival, mental energy is low, the body produces the disease will be the inevitable result.

Why do good people lack self-identity?
According to Erik, the reason is that the speed of development of modern society is too fast, but the change of traditional concept, especially the change of family values, has not kept pace with the development speed, which leads to a generation gap, This generation gap is evident in countries with a long history of tradition, such as China and India (China and India share the same traditional family values, and the economies of both countries are growing at a very fast pace).

In the past people’s way of life is the family as the core, parents or elders have the highest status. Because they can use their own knowledge and life experience to teach children or juniors, children need to learn from parents or elders the ability to survive. Through such a given, it is natural to get the respect of children or juniors and their own value recognition. In the past, the family economy environment, the younger generation is inseparable from the guidance of parents or elders and care, even after marriage and parents or elders will continue to live together, so parents will not produce self-worth sense of crisis.

However, in today’s high-growth era, for a lot of knowledge and skills, the younger generation is often mastered faster than the parents or elders, and sometimes parents even learn from their children. In this case of contrast, the original one-way parents to give the status of change, the highest position in the family also shaken. Because the child is no longer absolutely obedient to the parents of the preaching, or listen to the arrangements of the parents, not only that, and even make a completely contrary to the wishes of parents things.

Erik said that the child’s rebellious behavior will directly hurt the feelings of parents, while the most serious injury is the most traditional people who concept. Because of their strongest family attitudes, the sacrifices they make to maintain the past-style family model are the most.

Energy medicine believes that emotional damage mainly in the chest (often feel the chest tight, uncomfortable or pain), involving the organs of the heart, arteries, lungs and trachea and other respiratory system. Therefore, the more pay more good people, the more likely to get sick in these parts. The same is true, Erik through the induction of energy found in China and India, the death of the disease, heart disease, coronary heart disease and respiratory diseases accounted for 80% of the sum.

In addition to the pain of parents, the younger generation also has a sense of loss and lack of recognition and appreciation, the result also led to the generation of the younger generation of disease, or rebellious behavior.

Erik believes that modern food insecurity, air pollution and other factors have made the modern human immune function has become very fragile, and if the spirit of the lost self, there is no doubt that the body will be more sensitive to the disease.

So, how to find the real self, enhance energy, eliminate pain? Erik said, only to start the inner world of the mind, so that the body to guide us to adapt to the natural is the fundamental solution to the problem. In addition, Erik stressed that we do not deny the traditional culture, but in a new way to enhance its value, so as to reduce or eliminate the gap between today’s society and traditional culture. (For more information, see www.erikvaldman.com.)

OF: quartz, Canada Certified Practising Dietitian; Vice-Chairman of “International Food and Health Standards Institute committee”; “Canadian Society of Certified Practising Dietitians’ Association, researcher;” China Minsheng Legal Research Center, Liaoning University “Distinguished Fellow; the The book is “modern food and disease, natural food and health” and “do not let medicine add new disease”

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I feel the same, good people are very sick, sometimes issued a feeling, God does not always help the good, with the body to guide us, is understandable according to their physical condition rather than the wrong consciousness to carry out our activities.
The author replied
Is not to use their own preferences to determine what is right and wrong.

👍 different values, the family view of the “generation gap” more to affect people’s health.
Zhang Yinlian

Thank you for sharing!

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