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There is nothing wrong with you!

Are You A “Sensitive” Person?

If You are a bit artistic or creative – you are sensitive.
If You are loving and spiritual – you are sensitive.
If You are concerned about other peoples well being – you are sensitive.

In today’s practical, fast paced, “instant coffee”, “fear of everything” and often closed minded and full of negativity world, “Sensitivity”, is far from being a gift, actually it could become a bit of a “curse”, making many feel unfit, unwanted, unaccepted, unrecognized, misunderstood and feeling completely alone…even if they are not physically alone.

To survive, many talented and gifted people have to hide their true feelings. Many knowledgeable and wise have to hold back their words. Chose jobs which they hate. Chose friends who they do not resonate with. Live a double life!

Many have to pretend to be like others, not to be “punished” by societal misunderstanding of their opinions, insights, ability show “love” and the gift of “intuition”.

Meanwhile, the world is in screaming for help, inner gifts are being wasted, millions of people are suffering from anxiety and depression, not being able to “fit in”…more so, thinking there is something wrong with THEM.

I am a sensitive person. I was born that way.
I have had to struggle, to be misunderstood,to overcome, to change, to adjust, to learn and to grow.
Did you have to?
Are you a sensitive person?
How do you adjust?
How do you grow?
What is your unique story of survival?

Your input, opinion, comments and questions are all very welcome.

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