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Meditation, A Good Skill To Have – Now A Proven Tool For Children To Be Happy

Millions of Children around the world are going back to school. Parents, Grandparents and Children are very exited but often feel added stress during these times.

How can you deal with this stress?

Can Meditation really help?

Do Children even need meditation to be Happy?

Many studies prove meditation to be a valuable tool…

and did you know…

You have been meditating almost half of your life and did not even know it!

Did you know that sleep is a form of meditation?
Your body has an instinctive need to go into an eight hour “self regulation” mode, during which we best recover from the day, rejuvenate our body, mind and even grow. During sleep you often have involuntary movements, visualization even sounding, all as part of a natural instinctive survival mechanism.

As you sleep (forced daily meditation) your body uses available energy, from your day to rejuvenate.

(This Energy coming from proper diet, water, fresh air and exercise. Generally, the better your lifestyle the better your sleep.)

But, regardless of your lifestyle, if you are stressed, worried, your energy is low, than even your sleep is not as productive (you may wake up tired and often you can’t sleep at all).

Modern science does not know much about sleep, but we do know that children sleep much deeper and better quality than adults. (As I often run the parallel between available energy and aging !)

You also know that when you are emotionally stressed, worry, which are indicators of low energy, you often can’t sleep at all.

You can easily observe, that when we are physically ill our body forces us into sleep until we recover. Meditation just as sleep is a form of whole body rejuvenation.

When used properly, meditation does not simply substitute sleep, but enhances the awakened state potential.

The benefits of Meditation have been known for thousands of years, recently modern science has also begun recognizing the benefits of meditation for relief of stress and anxiety, raised physical and mental potential.

As science begins recognizing the power of the mind, and that awakening the bodies own ability, from within, can never be replaced by any external intervention, meditation is now rapidly becoming a big part in many hospitals, work places and now schools as a tool for emotional stability, physical recovery and personal growth.

As we know, Children are very sensitive, this sensitivity makes children vulnerable to all they hear and see at home, at school and in the media. The evidence of high stress and anxiety levels, obesity, allergies, other sensitivity to food and early aging are evident across all schools and communities.

Stress being one of the first responses leads to hyper activity, ADD, diminished creativity, and all academic scores. Stress often causes child depression, which may be expressed in being a bully or even a victim.

When stressed the body’s immune system weakens. Naturally, when losing sleep and emotionally down both adults and children become many times more vulnerable to all viruses and infections.

Children are very bright, and Introducing meditation to the children early, may prove extremely beneficial.
They will naturally be less vulnerable to their external environment and at times when the child may feel the stress and overwhelm they can use what they have learned as a tool for instant relief.
By introducing Meditative Story Telling, even once a week we will give them these tools and hope to be able to also see measurable results, in the over all social behavior and direct benefit in academic scores.

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