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Karma Secrets – Variety Children’s Charity – Walk n Roll – Never Alone

Variety Children’s Charity, Walk n Roll, Top Ten Fundraisers We Could not get this far without you…I would like to extand Special Thanks to ( in no particular order) :  

Zeljka Markovic, Yan Gurevich, Viorica Nussbaum, Teri Nicolais, Sarojni Ramdhan-Ganpat, Rade Markovic, IQBAL DHANJU, Imke Wemken, Michelle Valdman, Zurab Tveniashvili, Peter Nussbaum…     

Your contributions are sure to inspire many others…


Only 15 days left until the doors officially close on this years “Walk n Roll” Fundraising at The Variety Village…     

The Collective Goal Is  To Raise $250,000 during this charity drive… the roomers are that we are just above $70,000…But do not worry, experience shows that every one comes in the last minute… I am considering auctioning off a few items from our “KARMA SECRETS Library”. Maybe even Gift Certificates towards future courses and/or Home Study Course that you can gift to a friend or a loved one…I promise to let you know as soon as possible…Now Variety Children’s Charity did not allow for groups to be listed… I want you to know that even thou my name is listed above it is you who are making it happen, THANK YOU, from me and the children and adults whose lives you have the opportunity to change! As you can see we are #6 so far, I really did not expect us to be listed so high…I hope we can still create a Fundraising Storm, by moving up, an inspire others to do the same:)!!

P.S. Any body knows who  Ferg Devins is? He is a solid  #1…GREAT JOB FERG DEVINS!    


Your comments and suggestions are welcome! 

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