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Erik Valdman

Erik Valdman

How is this new year treating you? What are your goals for 2009?

Today, I wanted to share one of My New Year goals with you…

The Story begins, a few years ago, after a school shooting here in Canada.

To support the kids and their parents, I have opened a program “We Can Help Our Kids”. Here, through weekly teleconferences both, Kids and their Parents, were introduced to Karma Secrets for Kids.

“Meditative Storytelling” was bornand the kids were ecstatic, we told stories and experienced creative energy together. One of the “hidden” objectives was to help build better relationships between kids and their parents.

Karma Secrets - Meditative Storytelling - JANE, by Bryce

The program ran for a few months, and than was put on hold.

But what do you know, a few weeks ago, to my delight, I have received an urgent request e-mail from an advanced student…and I have just returned from a presentation to twenty five nine and ten year olds!

You see, the advanced student is a school principle who has begun taking my Karma Secrets Training

about one year ago. Her life has been improved so much, that when there was some concern with Bullying in one of her classes, she thought of Karma Secrets. It was a real pleasure to present to a group of young kids…

I think I have successful and made a good impression on them,

as when I asked if they wanted me to comeback…they nearly jumped off their seats with a laud cheer.

In a few days, I am scheduled to go back and speak to them some more.

You must agree with me, as the root of the bullying problem is usually not at the school…

it is most likely somehow begins at home. Today, I was invited to help the children and that is what I will do. I see my job at this school, is to create an environment and understanding amongst the kids that Bullying, simply does not pay.

In the process the kids will learn the energy acquiring tools, which they will now be able to apply.

My words should “temporary solve” the need for Attention, Validation, and Respect, the Energy will create a Momentum which will help them choose, other known ways to command attention and respect, rather than forcefully demanding it of others.

And finally, I know that this Momentum will continue, and the energy practice will help make, the kids less vulnerable to the kind of Love they are likely searching for but not receive at home. I am talking about the feeling of being ignored and not heard by those who they love and respect. I believe that even if only a perception of being invisible could have played a role in their behavior.Now expressed as both taking the role of a Bully and in finding themselves as a Victim.

Now, you might also agree, that if this is not addressed, both, through educating and energetically, it will become an even bigger problem as they grow up, and could determine the rest of their life.

As the bigger picture, this energy change could be just enough to create the needed momentum, where even the parents, who I do not directly blame, will suddenly, likely without even realizing it, will naturally find the five extra minutes, the one kind word, that little bit of ability to show the love that they already have for their children.

Here are REAL LIFE Karma lessons, Family Karma, for the Kids and for their Parents…the Karma lessons of Humanity, for my student the School’s Principle, Me and now for You.

So, before you know it, 2009 could welcome back, “Karma Secrets for Kids” and “Meditative Storytelling” !

What do you think about this idea? What are your goals for 2009?

I would like to open this blog and make it a space is for you to share your ideas on anything that you consider relevant today.

You can publish here excerpts from your blogs and articles in general that you think make a difference to the world today. Try to make a bit of editing on what you post here – try to highlight passages with copy-paste, rather than simply giving links.

Please keep in mind that my blogs, so far have been viewed by thousands unique visitors, from 47 countries, who came from 641 cities of the world and chances are that many of them are going to read your thoughts.

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  • Leonie

    I would very much like to inspire and mentor kids at school (especially those that are bullied) and your idea of “Medative story telling” – Karma Secrets for kids- is inspirational. What a fantastic idea.
    I would like to know how I can pursuade schools to agree to classes for this or how I can become qualified to help children in schools.

    I have wanted to help kids with low self-esteem etc. but have no qualifications apart from what life has taught me. The expense of lessons and time to complete these qualifications are daunting to someone of mature years.

    Any suggestions would be most welcome.

    Thank you


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