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Erik Valdman – The Art of BIM

Karma Secrets Live From TORONTO, Canada Wednesday, NOVEMBER 19 2008


Karma Secrets Preview

Karma Secrets Preview

Karma Secrets Live From TORONTO, Canada

Wednesday, NOVEMBER 19 2008

Topic: The Preview to The Karma Awakening Weekend

Erik Valdman will be Presenting Karma Secrets

for Beginners & Intermediate Students.

This 2 hours “Karma Preview” is a Stand Alone Training, you would not want to miss..

All you need is an open mind and the willingness to learn.

Something happens…within…Beyond your five senses.

You have no Awareness of it. Not yet…

But it effects every moment of your life. We call it Karma.

Connected to your Past, Present and Future…all at once.

Karma can be your friend. Awakening your genius.

Karma can also be the reason for your Pain. You choose.

The Audience of Karma Secrets Have an Energy Experience First.

Often a Strong Emotional and ‘Outer’ Physical Experience follows…

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