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Erik Valdman – The Art of BIM

Good Karma? The real crisis? We stopped being wise…

Live on TED, Barry Schwartz makes a passionate call for “practical wisdom” as an antidote to a society gone mad with bureaucracy. Not simple but really worth watching…

Welcome to the age of “Practical Spirituality” 🙂
Please let me know what you think…

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  • Shirley

    Questions: What do you think? Can practical wisdom be learned? Should we feel guilty if we do not practice practical wisdom?

    Hi Erik, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this video. To acquire wisdom is my deepest inner most desire. Early in life I wanted to know “the right thing to do” and now I want to know the “highest good for the other”. I believe if one human being can discern what is the most needed response of the moment – the highest right action for the other, for the many, then that information, that ability to take action is available to all! Hearing this lecture has deeply inspired me to keep moving forward in this quest. My process is definitely one that is learned through experience. The wisdom I have acquired so far has been at times easy and more often very difficult and when difficult I remind myself that being comfortable is not a requirement for doing what is right.

    With reference to the question of should we feel guilty if we do not practice practical wisdom, I can only answer from my experience. When I have made mistakes, it was guilt that took me to higher ground and wisdom was shown. Today I have challenges I have not yet grown from and the decision not to practice practical wisdom for me is a choice-less one that places guilt on a totally different level of learning. I am part of something much bigger than my life alone and I must respond to this inner directive. Feeling guilty if I do not apply what I currently consider wisdom is not an option. This is why I have placed myself under your teaching umbrella.

    I was given that true wisdom cannot be true unless there is love and true love cannot be true unless there is wisdom. The two must go together. Any insight or comment would be appreciated.

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