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Erik Valdman – The Art of BIM

But what about my MIND?

So what is your ultimate goal for today?

My goal, is to move one single step forward.

Higher quality of energy may be my one way to “better our best “….

We have the self regulation and we have the mindsets.

Both working together, in unified manner for us to be inwardly and externally inspired.

We already know, that everything begins with one energy.

Later, this energy observed and measured by us at the different qualities: from the physical, the chakra, the meridian, the to the feelings, the thoughts and the actions, which then are materialized into our current reality.

Thus, I believe in no coincidences.

Your meditations are not a separate entity.

To make the best of it, you need to bring the true you into your meditation.

The true you, can be happy or sad, occupied or peaceful, brave or afraid, etc..all these are normal states which can never interfere with meditation…they are the truth of the moment…bring them with you, bring your authentic current self, not the potential self into your meditation experience…

But what about my mind?

The mind, just like the body is in constant movement, reflecting on energies, self regulating, as you trust your mind, you free your mind to self regulate, just as you are doing so well with your body.

During the meditation the mind will always try to protect, but we need to constantly remind ourselves, to not protect or justify anything, just to be as observers.

In my opinion, when the ancients said : ” quiet the mind” they spoke of quieting the values we often place on material, third chakra, instant gratification experiences…they never intended to speak of emptiness of the higher values of the mind but simply, shedding the old shell and renewing the focus!!

We do that from within, energy first…

Just like movements, the thoughts may be comfortable, familiar or very new…

They could surprise you or make you uncomfortable, but just like the movement in the body, thoughts are not coincidental.

The birth of thought is a merging of past experiences and knowledge, inspired by external life circumstances, contained in future perspectives, seen through the lenses of current Energy.

During a meditative state.

You can’t possibly nor should be confining or fighting your thoughts, just as you should not be restricting nor fighting you physical movements and postures.

Inspired by your will, it is the change of Energy which instantly helps in growth of awareness and the change of meaning and the value of thoughts.


Erik Valdman

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